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What to see and do in Higüey, Dominican Republic

Whether you are going to travel to Punta Cana, La Romana, Cap Cana or if you are going to make an itinerary around the country, Higüey is a town that I recommend you visit. This population continues to be barely touristy and very authentic. It has many interesting places to visit.

If you are going to rent a car, as soon as you arrive in the city of Higüey, the streets are a bit chaotic and it is not very well signposted. I advise you to look at the top of the buildings and look for the points of the city's cathedral, they are blue (they are very visible from anywhere) and go looking for them until you reach it. Right in front of the cathedral there is a paid parking lot, where you can park. As soon as you get out of the car, do not be surprised that several local guides come to you like flies.

Higüey, República Dominicana

I recommend that you take a guide!! More or less a local guide for two hours will cost you about 20 euros. In our case, with 2 hours we had more than enough and he gave us a tour of the cathedral, including the interior, the old part of the city and its food market and the local arts and crafts market.

Whether you take a guide or not, without a doubt, Higüey is a city that offers many possibilities to visit, tourism has barely passed through here, so the city is very authentic, maintaining the warm atmosphere of its population.


Higuey Cathedral

The first obligatory stop you must make is the Higüey Cathedral. Its real name is Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia Cathedral Basilica, and it stands out for its original architecture. It was built by the French architects André-Jacques Dunoyer de Segonzac and Pierre Dupré between 1954 and 1971, in a modern architecture style.

Not only does its exterior architecture stand out, where the facade in blue details is beautiful, but the interior is worth visiting. You have to pay a small "donation" to enter but I recommend it.

The exterior that surrounds the cathedral does not leave anyone indifferent either, in a city like Higüey where the houses pile up one on top of the other, the cathedral has enormous gardens with thousands of palm trees planted in rows.

Saint Dionysus

Another church within the town is the San Dionisio Sanctuary. It is a small church located in front of the Central Park. This church is the first temple of the Virgin Mary in America. Construction of this romantic-style brick monument began in 1569 and ended in 1572, replacing the old thatched-roof hermitage. It was built as a sanctuary to adore the painting of Our Lady of Altagracia.

Higüey, República Dominicana

Local market

The next stop that I recommend is that you go to the outdoor food market. I warn you in advance that he can be disgusting, but it's his way of life and you can't miss it. Stops without refrigerators, where they sell fresh meat (the smell is intense), during the tour we find ourselves in the same market bleeding a cow for sale, right there. Something that in our country would be unthinkable, in the Dominican Republic is an everyday thing. It is an interesting tour that you cannot miss.

Higuey Art

Near the market are the streets of crafts and art. If you go with a guide you will find them quickly and you will be able to visit several little houses where inside they tell you a little about the life of the authors, the techniques used and you can buy their works. If your intention is not to buy anything, avoid this visit, because it really is a tour for you to buy from them and they can be very annoying.

Sanate Sugar Mill Ruins

On the outskirts of Higüey are the ruins of the Ingenio Azucarero de Sanate. Formerly in colonial times they were located in this place to process sugar cane. At present, only a few ruins remain of what, in its time, was one of the most important companies in the eastern region of the island of Santo Domingo.

If you feel like adding a bit of fun to your visit to the city, you can go to Zip Lines Adventures by Runners Adventures or MonkeyLand.

Recommendations to visit Higüey

Avoid carrying bags slung over your shoulder

All your belongings in a backpack, if it is closed by a better padlock.

Do not get distracted with your mobile in hand, be attentive, because mobile thefts are common.

Hire a guide, for little money they take you on a tour of all the emblematic places and curious places, so you don't get lost on streets or neighborhoods that you shouldn't.

Although Higüey is a stop that I highly recommend, it is not a very pleasant or safe place to stay. The rate of petty robberies and thefts at night rises a lot and there are many more safer places in the country where you can enjoy visits and night walks without having to go with a stress due to insecurity.


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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