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This web, y and the business that supports it, comply with current Spanish and European data protection regulations.


To start, I am Mireia or Mia as my friends and family call me, and I am the author of these two web pages, and you can contact me at any time by writing me an email a


The content of both web pages is 100% own; texts, photographs, videos and web design. Copying content, copying images, copying design or any information that appears on both web pages is prohibited.


To browse the two sites, the request or use of any user data is not necessary.


The different data processing collected through this website and its different purposes are as follows. At all times, the treatments will be carried out in accordance with current legislation:


  • If someone contacts me by email or through the contact form, the data will be used to respond to said email and possible future communications. 

  • People who are interested in subscribing to my newsletter will receive exclusive content on Travel and destinations around the world, promotions, blog articles, flight offers, discounts on accommodation, discounts on activities and other content of an advertising nature with advantages for those who wish to to travel. The subscription and sending of the newsletter will be done through the Advanser Wix email manager and personalized content to improve your user experience. They may also receive advertising information from "I challenge you to discover the world" or "Discover New York" through the social networks of which I am the owner.

  • When a person interested in contracting a service with an affiliate link should know that there are cookies, which I detail better in legal warning, and that once you reach the affiliate page, it is the affiliate who will manage your data protection and privacy.

  • If you buy one of my travel guides, maps, itineraries... or the different products from the I Challenge You to Discover the World or Discover New York store, you can download it through the online store application and you will receive it automatically in your email. The data that is collected in the purchase process is to manage said purchase and to inform about the different novelties of the guides, as well as commercial and/or promotional information. I also confirm that, as the payment for the purchases of my products is made through Wix's secure payment gateway, I will never have access to your bank details. You can see more about purchase conditions here.


The data collected in any of the forms (contact, subscription, comments...) become part of a register of "subscribers" from which you can unsubscribe at any time. This list is shared for both web pages, even if the contact information has been registered in only one. 


At any time, users who want to can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition, cancellation, deletion or limitation, by sending an email and I will explain how to exercise your rights and revoke your authorization. Although, they also have the option to unsubscribe as soon as they receive a newsletter. 


Regarding the transfer of your data to third parties, I confirm that at no time will I hand over the data you have provided to anyone for any purpose other than those provided here and those stipulated by the regulations.


On this website, own and third-party cookies are used in order to know the interests of visitors, provide users with the best browsing experience and provide a good contracting and purchasing service for customers.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's device to facilitate browsing; in some cases they are essential for the operation of the web. These cookies contain information about the user's browsing habits.

Cookies are classified as follows:

According to the entity that manages them:

  • Own cookies: managed by the editor itself.

  • Third party cookies: managed by another entity.

According to the length of time they remain activated:

  • Session cookies: they only collect browsing data during the visit.

  • Persistent cookies: they remain stored for a period of time.

According to its purpose:

  • Technical cookies: they help the website to function.

  • Personalization cookies: they serve the user to predetermine characteristics for subsequent visits.

  • Analysis cookies: they allow the analysis of user behavior on the web to create browsing profiles.

  • Advertising cookies: they help the publisher to manage advertising.

  • Behavioral advertising cookies: they manage advertising spaces according to user behavior and browsing habits.

In this case, the cookies used on this website are proprietary, third-party, session, technical, analysis and personalization.

  • Name _ga, managed by Google Inc, duration 2 years, analysis purpose.

  • Name _gid, managed by Google Inc, duration 24 hours, analysis purpose.

  • Name _fbp, managed by Facebook, duration 3 months, analysis purpose.

  • Name ac_enable_tracking, managed by Active Campaign, duration 1 month, analysis purpose.

  • Name viewed_cookie_policy, managed by I challenge you to discover the world, duration 12 months, analysis purpose.

In addition to those detailed, we can find YouTube and Vimeo cookies on the pages where a video can be inserted, as well as Booking cookies on the pages where the hotel search engine is inserted. On the web there are many affiliate links and advertisements, once this link is accessed, this affiliate will apply its own cookie policy and you must read it and accept it or not if you wish to continue browsing.

If you want to restrict, block or delete cookies, you need to configure your browser options. The instructions for the configuration of the main browsers are as follows:

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