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Identity and owner of the website


"I challenge you to discover the world" and "Discover New York" is a brand owned by me, Mireia Alcañiz, with email and furthermore, I am the author and owner of these two sites:https://www.discovernewyork.comY 

Intellectual property

The content of both web pages is 100% own; texts, photographs, videos and web design. Copying content, copying images, copying design or any information that appears on both web pages is prohibited. As well as any product in the online store; travel guides, maps, itineraries...


In no case will said rights be transferred or assigned without my prior, explicit and written consent through a notary public.
Specifically, no content of both web pages may be reproduced, disseminated, sold, distributed or used for commercial or personal purposes.

Any content that may appear on this website whose copyright and intellectual property belong to a third party, will be duly indicated. In "I challenge you to discover the world" and "Discover New York" the rights of others are respected and I want it to be so with mine.

Rules of use

The main theme of both websites is travel around the world. I explain all the secrets of each destination, the most interesting places, the most striking routes, the most special hotels and accommodations and everything you need to make your trip the best of your life.
All the people who pass through here (users, readers or clients) must respect the theme and dynamics of the sites, making appropriate use of the services and contents, especially:

  • Do not use the content to carry out illegal or illicit activities. 

  • Disseminate content or propaganda that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, advocating terrorism or that violates human rights.

  • Write comments that are missing in this regard and do not respect human rights. Racist, xenophobic, pornographic comments, advocating terrorism, among others.


For this reason, I reserve the right to delete or disable comments that violate the rules of these sites and in no case will I be responsible for the opinions that users may leave. Promotional, insulting comments or comments that go against the good tone of the blog are also not allowed.

Data Protection

Mireia Alcañiz, responsible for "I challenge you to discover the world" and "Discover New York", complies with current Spanish and European regulations on data protection. For more information on the processing of your data and for you to know the policy privacy of this website, you can click on this link: Privacy Policy.

Exclusion of liability

"I challenge you to discover the world" and "Discover New York" will not be responsible in any case for damages or damages of any kind that may be caused by visiting these sites, either due to error or omission in the content or by the transmission of any malicious program that occurs despite having taken the necessary technological measures to prevent it.
In the case of links to external websites of third parties that may be cited in the contents of "I challenge you to discover the world" and "Discover New York", both promotional and free, it will be done exclusively as an example. In no case is this party exercising any control over said websites, and there is no responsibility in this regard.

Cookies policy

This website uses third-party cookies with analytical functions. I leave you the link tomy cookie policy, where you have all the detailed information.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These legal conditions have been drafted under Spanish law. In case of conflict in the interpretation of these conditions, the competent jurisdiction will be that of the buyer's domicile and, subsidiarily, the Courts of Girona.

Modification of the content of Legal Notice

These conditions may be modified at any time, depending on the evolution of this blog and the content offered therein.

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