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HELLO I'm Mia! 

Since I was little I have had a fascination for traveling that perhaps goes beyond the normal. I am always dreaming of the next destination and it is not enough for me to just know the most popular places, I want to know everything about each place.

Over the years I have become travel correspondent and I created this blog so that you can find articles and complete travel guides on it. Made with great care, to help you get excited about the least expected places. And that you are encouraged to travel, to grow with each trip and to fall in love with each place. Look for nonconformity!  

I was born on Barcelona many years ago, but I don't actually remember ever living there. Since I was little I have been changing residence on many occasions. 

I am a in love with southeast asia since 2004, when I first traveled to Thailand, and since then every year I try to spend several weeks traveling and touring their countries. 

Years later I got to know Vietnam and completely fell in love with the country. I decided to go through it from end to end to get to know every corner, every town, every valley, every dish... Definitely a little piece of my heart stayed in Vietnam.

If I had to get lost or settle in a fixed place, it would be in Bali. In balinese I feel at home. And there is nothing better to disconnect than going for a walk among rice fields, going barefoot almost all day and cycling from here to there. And surfing, let's not forget surfing. Because of this, I have spent a lot of time using Bali as my base. 

Peru It is one of the best destinations I have ever seen. It should be a must have for any traveler. Do you still not know Peru? You're already late! 

I love reading, I am very geek in this aspect. And I always carry romance novels wherever I go, on paper, at el iPad... I have yet to see Scotland, and it's a bit embarrassing to admit that being a hopeless romantic, I still haven't seen the Highlands.


I really like sports, and although I find it hard to find the time, I love skiing, trekking, yoga and surfing. So in all my trips I try to include any of them, they cannot be missing.

I hope you find what you are looking for on the blog. You can always contact me for any questions and look for me in the social networks to be updated. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG A hug!

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