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What to see and do in La Romana

Are you thinking of going to the Dominican Republic and don't know where to stay? La Romana is a good area to stay if your idea is to spend a few days of sun, beach and relaxation. Its Caribbean coast attracts thousands of tourists a year. All-inclusive hotels and the Caribbean Sea at your feet is the best option to enjoy a relaxing vacation. However, if you are a bit more adventurous and feel like exploring the country, La Romana is also a good place to stop and recharge your batteries. And although it may seem that there is only beach and sun fun, in reality La Romana offers some fun alternatives to see and do.

In this post I will tell you about the main and most fun activities to do and if you are thinking of taking a tour of the country or have doubts about the best accommodation option, on the main page of the Dominican Republic you will find much more information.

Que ver y hacer en la Romana


Visit Isla Saona and Isla Catalina, two paradisiacal islands to visit in the Dominican Republic

La Romana is a main area for rest and relaxation and almost all activities are involved in enjoying the sea and the beach. A good option is to take a boat tour, there are two options from nearby: visit Isla Saona, which I told you about in a previous post, and the other option is Isla Catalina.

If you like to snorkel, the two options are great, on Isla Saona you will see starfish above all and on Isla Catalina a reef full of colorful fish. Why choose one option or another? If you have time, do both! you will have a great time.

I recommend you reserve them in advance online! Hotels tend to take advantage and tend to charge higher amounts.

Chavon Heights

Another visit that you can do in La Romana is in Altos de Chavón, it is a villa built in a Mediterranean style on top of the Chavón River. It is home to a Cultural Center, the National Archaeological Museum, and the so-called City of Artists. It also has a Remarkable Amphitheater.

The best way to get to know Altos de Chavón is to do it with a guided tour, there is an option that in addition to visiting this town and the amphitheater, you will tour the surroundings and visit the cigar factory.

Que ver y hacer en la Romana

Personally, I think that La Romana is the ideal stop for a couple of days of sun and sand, adding some activities like the ones I detailed. The country is beautiful and it is worth making an itinerary to get to know it. If you are thinking of staying in La Romana you can see accommodation offers in La Romana.


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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