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Discover the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

The Indigenous Eyes Reserve and Ecological Park, is a spectacular place for hiking on its trails, its abundant vegetation, trails, mangroves, crystalline water lagoons and underground rivers, offer this place an opportunity to get lost in the reserve and enjoy a few hours in complete peace. It is a protected area that belongs to the Grupo Puntacana Foundation. This reserve has 1,500 acres of land dedicated to conservation, scientific research and recreation, there are subtropical lowland forests.

Parque ecológico Ojos Hindigenas, República Dominicana

The entrance to the reserve costs about 50 dollars per person (babies and children also pay) so it is not cheap.

During the tour you enjoy a pleasant walk through a forest with a large amount of fauna and vegetation and you will find lagoons of crystalline blue water, beautiful lagoons.

You can only bathe in two of them, where there are also fish and sea turtles that will share the bath with you. In one of them you have a jump of two meters, in case you want to dare to jump.

Parque ecológico Ojos Hindigenas, República Dominicana

It is an ideal activity if you feel like disconnecting, being surrounded by nature and peace. The price is quite high, but the good thing is that since it's expensive almost no one goes :) and you can practically enjoy this place to yourself.



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