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Where to stay in Lima: Best areas and hotels

Lima is a huge city with more than 9 million inhabitants and 50 districts. So the time comes to look for accommodation and doubts arise about where to stay in Lima, which are the best areas and which hotels in the city are most recommended. And when you start looking in the search engines you find that there are about 2750 options available.

In this post I make it easy for you and I detail some hotel recommendations and which are the best areas to find accommodation.


Although in the vast majority of cities in Peru the best area for accommodation is usually the historic center, this is not the case in Lima. Although there are many cool hotels in the historic center, it is usually a slightly more insecure area, especially at night. The best areas to stay without a doubt are: Miraflores, Callao, San Miguel and Barranco.

Miraflores, one of the best areas to stay in Lima

Miraflores is my favorite area, because you have everything; Shopping centers, restaurants, walks along the cliff, incredible landscapes of the ocean... In addition, there is a wide variety of hotels. Here is a list of some recommended hotels:

Callao, a central area where to stay in Lima

Callao is an essential neighborhood in Lima to visit. Its low, colored buildings make this place a very pleasant area to walk around. It is a quieter area where you can find accommodation from 15 euros per person.

The Barrio de San Miguel, a beautiful and quiet area to stay in Lima

If you are looking to stay in a quiet area, the San Miguel neighborhood is a good option. In addition to being quiet, it is a beautiful neighborhood. You have accommodations from 15 euros per person.

The Barranco neighborhood, a great area to stay in Lima with a tighter budget

If your budget is tight, the Barranco neighborhood is a good option. Bed & Breakfasts start at 5 euros per person and you can find 3 and 4 star hotels for around 26 euros a night per person. It is a neighborhood that is very well connected to the city center by bus, but you can also take a taxi for a few soles.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Peru a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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