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Sumba, a mystical and authentic destination

Are you looking for a completely different destination, where you hardly meet other tourists? Without a doubt Sumba is your destination then.

The island of Sumba is almost twice the size of Bali, but it is much less known and visited by tourists. Although little by little it is becoming a very popular option in Indonesia to enjoy the beach.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Sumba is very authentic and pure. It is one of the poorest islands in Indonesia, so do not expect to come here to shop and have luxurious accommodation. Its population is very friendly and children are very curious about tourists, especially if you travel with children, you are fascinated by Western children and they will surely want to play with you. Take advantage and enjoy the experience!

Here, don't be surprised to see men with their traditional woolen kilts and machetes slung on their backs, making their way to the cultivated fields, cows and horses grazing alone everywhere (even on the beaches enjoying a swim) or women weaving in the street and cooking in their patios.

In this post I tell you a little more about this incredible Indonesian island, how to get there, what to see and do in Indonesia, and I add some accommodation tips.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Sumba has a unique culture with its own traditions and faith. This belief is called Marapu. Death plays an important role in this. When a person or animal dies, the inhabitants of the island believe that the deceased end up in a new and invisible world. From this other world they can still influence our world. For this reason, they try to bury the deceased as richly as possible, to ensure that they are not negatively influenced. If you get the chance to attend a funeral in Sumba, they will let you join in and watch.


The best option is to arrive by plane. From Bali airport (Denpasar) and you will find flights to the cities of Tambolaka or Waingapu.

If you want to go by boat, there is the option of doing it on a public ferry from the island of Bali or from Sumbawa. It doesn't work all year, so don't leave it to the last minute or want to book it from there, because there may not be availability or departure for those dates.


Without a doubt, in Sumba the best thing you can do is choose an area and enjoy the beaches and surroundings.

Sumba is very big, to give you an idea from Bondokodi to Melolo there are 6 hours by car. So if you are planning to go for 3 or 4 days, choose what you want to see and look for an intermediate area to stay. Although if you are one of my kind and want to explore it from end to end, you can do it in 4 days, yes, you will go full throttle all day, you will not rest much, but you will find beautiful places that are hardly known by travelers.

The list is long, so take a piece of paper and a pen and let's get started (In the list I add many things, but choose some that are close to your accommodation area, I also add several waterfalls, but there are many more, all equally beautiful and the same with the beaches, I will add my recommendations).

Weekuri Lagoon, one of the most beautiful places to see in Sumba

It is a natural pool or a small lake (whatever you want to call it) right next to the coast, surrounded by vegetation. It is very big, despite what you may think. Ideal to go swimming and snorkel. There is no tide here, which is a good option if you travel with children or you don't like swimming in the sea. It is a beautiful place, one of the ones I liked the most in Sumba.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Nihiwatu Beach

It is a very long beach, with various accommodation options and good waves. It is one of the favorite options for surfers.

Lapopu Waterfalls

It is a natural park, where you will find this waterfall, followed by small lagoons ideal for bathing among the vegetation and trails for walking. Does the heat squeeze? this area is ideal.

Pantai Walakiri

This place is surreal. It is a beach, which when the tide covers leaves stagnant water on land in the form of small pools, (it does not even reach your knee, but you will have to take your shoes off to avoid getting wet) and the strangest thing about the place is not this, but the vegetation that grows in the middle of the beach. A series of native trees of the place and that make the place very peculiar and worth visiting. If you can, visit this area shortly before the sunset begins.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Kampung Adat Ratenggaro

It is a group of traditional houses. It is a small town very focused on tourism knowing more about the customs of the island, its traditions, etc... to visit it you can book different tours. I couldn't visit it due to lack of time, but if you dare to visit it, tell me about your experience :)

Bendungan Waikelo Sawah

It is an area with waterfalls, trails and routes where you can also access rare rock formations and caves.

Air Terjun Matayangu

It is another impressive waterfall, with a fine fall to a very large lagoon, where bathing is allowed. There are some rock formations where the bravest can jump from.

Tanggedu Waterfall

These waterfalls are located within a natural park formed by a fault, where there are areas of small and large waterfalls, lagoons ideal for swimming, many trails and lush vegetation.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Air Terjun Lokomboro

Another of the waterfalls that I recommend you visit is a natural park area where this is not the only waterfall in the park. There are lagoons, forest, trails...

Bukit Mauliru

Look for the viewpoint to be able to contemplate this impressive natural fault. If you go in the rainy season and just after, the green color of the vegetation is very intense. If you go in the dry season, the landscape is much more arid, but just as beautiful.

Secluded beaches of sumba

In Sumba there are beaches along the entire coast, since few areas are cliffs or rock formations. But there are deserted beaches where you hardly meet anyone. And they are also beautiful.

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia

Some of these beaches are:

  • Pantai Mandorak

  • pantai watuparunu

  • Pantai Tarimbang

  • mbawana beach

  • mananga aba beach

  • pantai kerewei

  • Pantai Watu Malandong

que ver en Sumba, Indonesia


I prefer the area from Waingapu airport to Weekuri Lagoon. I love this whole island lake. That does not mean that the other part of the island is ugly, not at all, that is why I have included places in that part of the island in the list.

Rua Beach Resort Sumba was our accommodation choice. It has double bungalows from 50.00 euros per night with breakfast included. We were great. You can see more accommodation options from here.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Indonesia a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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