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What to see and do on Flores Island, Indonesia

The island of Flores is one of the stops that I recommend if you are going to make an itinerary through Indonesia. Thanks to its incredible interior beauty, its interesting culture and, above all, its proximity to the Komodo National Park, it is one of the most important destinations for the most alternative tourists who decide to get to know Indonesia.

It is not yet very developed at a tourist level and that adds even more charm.

Flores allows us to discover a multi-ethnic Indonesia, Christian, Muslim and animist cultures coexist on the island.

In this post you have a complete guide on what to see and do on Isla Flores, how to get there, how to visit the Komodo National Park, where to stay...

la isla Flores, Indonesia


Flights to Flores, Indonesia

Although there are options to arrive on some ferries from Bali, they are very long journeys. I personally recommend taking a flight. On the island is the Komodo International Airport. And it receives daily flights from all parts of Indonesia. It is located near the town of Labuan Bajo, where you can look for accommodation.

Ferries to Flores, Indonesia

You can go by ferry to Flores from the nearby island Sumbawa, from Lombok or from Bali itself. For this you must make combinations of public ferry that crosses you between the islands and take buses to cross the islands by land. If your idea is to go from Bali you should take the public ferry to Lembar, from there go by bus to Mataram to take the public ferry to Bima (Simbawa), cross by bus to Sape to take the last ferry to Labuan Bajo. The journey from Bali costs about IDR 500,000 (approximately 40 hours of travel) and from Mataram it costs about IDR 375,000 (35 hours).

It is a real madness and waste of time.


If the roads on other Indonesian islands are already bad enough… here more of the same. The roads are not in good condition, so the journeys are a bit uncomfortable and take longer than normal. You can move with the local bus or with taxis and a private driver. For the more adventurous you can rent a motorcycle or a car.

We took a rental car and it was great. With Google maps, thanks to having an Indonesian SIM card, we were able to locate ourselves quite well and move around the island.

la isla Flores, Indonesia


Visit Komodo Island

The most popular and the main reason why many tourists come to the Island is to visit the Komodo and Rinca National Park.

This spectacular place was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1991. Within the park we can see the famous Komodo Dragons, giant lizards that are unique in the world.

I tell you everything about this national park, how to get there and lots of information about what to do and see in the following post: Komodo National Park.

Excursions and tours to Komodo Island:

la isla Flores, Indonesia

Visit Manggarai Village and its surroundings

The Manggarai ethnic group is one of the important ones in the western zone of the island of Flores. One of the main places where you can learn about their culture and way of life is the village of Melo.

The best option to get to know this village and its surroundings, the best option is a guided tour of Flores Island. (especially if you go for a few days) you will make the most of your time.

With a little trekking you can visit the Hobbit cave and the Lian Bua cave where the rest of the so-called Homo Floresiensis or Man of Flowers were found.

la isla Flores, Indonesia

Stroll through the rice fields of Cancar

Called the Spider Rice Field, the Cancar rice fields are a huge spider-web-shaped rice field that is unique in the world.

Visit the town of Moni and climb Mount Kelimutu

The town of Moni is famous for being the starting point to climb Mount Kelimutu and its famous colored lakes. For me it is an essential stop that you must do in Isla de Flores. You cannot miss this marvelous place.

Throughout the trek you are not only surrounded by an impressive natural environment but you will also see some of the most impressive waterfalls in Indonesia. Once you reach the top, the two lakes await you, one darker and the other an intense sky blue.

la isla Flores, Indonesia

Visit the town of Larunkata

The first Portuguese settlement on the island of Flores, Larunkata is famous for being a population with a Catholic majority and still having some of the features of the Portuguese culture. In the city, the Renha Rosario Cathedral stands out, with its shape most similar to the typical Indonesian mosques and the gigantic image of the Virgin Mary. Larunkata is also the ideal place for those travelers who want to visit the nearby islands of Alor and Salor.

Visit Batu Cermin and Rangko caves

These spectacular caves, with rock formations, stalactites and lagoons of salty and healthy water inside. You can visit them for free, although my recommendation is that you do it with an organized tour that includes transportation, entrance, boat ride...

la isla Flores, Indonesia


My recommendation is that you stay in the town of Labuan Bajo or the nearby surroundings. Apart from being closer to the airport, excursions to visit the Komodo National Park also depart from here.

Our accommodation option was in this hostel: Seaesta Komodo Hostel & Hotel, it has double rooms with private bathroom, option of shared rooms. It is a completely renovated hotel/hostel, with a pool and very cool rooms.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Indonesia a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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