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What to see in Staten Island + see the Statue of Liberty for Free

Staten Island is the least popular district of New York, it is the least known by foreign travelers, since it is mostly solely residence and very popular among New York residents for weekend getaways or vacations. However, Staten Island has many things to see and do especially when the good weather approaches.

In this post I tell you about what to see in Staten Island, how to get there and some tips.

Qué ver en Staten Island, NUeva York


It is the only area of ​​the city that the subway does not reach, you can get there with the free orange ferries that leave from the south of Manhattan and with an extensive network of buses to reach each attraction.

During this 25-minute ferry ride you will pass very close to the Statue of Liberty, for this reason these boats fill up with tourists looking to photograph the most famous statue in New York.

Ferry to Staten Island

The ferries to Staten Island are already an attraction in themselves. That is why we already told you: they are free and they pass very close to the Statue of Liberty.

These huge orange boats leave every half hour from the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, just outside the South Ferry station on line 1 of the tube. They work 24 hours.

Qué ver en Staten Island, Nueva York

Qué ver en Staten Island, Nueva York


Although Staten Island is a residential district and where it appears there is not much to see, if there are places to see and things to do and if you have time it is worth dedicating a day to Staten Island.

Postcards of Staten Island

Postcards is the name of the memorial to the victims of 9/11 on the north shore of Staten Island (it's on Bank street, a few steps from the Ferry Terminal).

It was made in 2004 to remember the 274 Staten Island residents who died in the 9/11 tragedy.

From this place there is an incredible viewpoint where you can appreciate spectacular views of Manhattan.

National Lighthouse Museum