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What to see in Chinatown in Manhattan + Free tour of 4 neighborhoods

One of the most picturesque areas of Manhattan is Chinatown, and as happens in many cities, when you enter a Chinatown it is similar to moving to Asia. Well, New York is no exception.

I recommend that you get lost in its streets, and enjoy walking and you will find really beautiful corners. Also in the Chinatown you can eat from the street stalls, buy "trinkets" and enjoy an area with a lot of atmosphere.

In this post I tell you about what you will find, what to see and do in Chinatown in Manhattan.


Although until a few years ago it was a troubled area where the Irish (predecessors in the neighborhood) and Chinese mafia ruled, today it is a fairly popular area located next to the Soho neighborhood.

Walking through the most colorful neighborhood in Manhattan guarantees a different experience, between paper lanterns and mahjong tiles. Strolling aimlessly is what I recommend and during the walk you will find mobile food stalls, you will see lacquered ducks hanging in the shop windows, souvenir shops and above all a number of illuminated signs, where red predominates.

If you have traveled to China, you will find that it is a "light Chinese" but it is still one of the most authentic Chinatowns (after Bangkok) that I have known, without being in China let's go :)

Canal Street, the main street of Chinatown in Manhattan

In it is the information center, decorated with a dragon. It is the main street of Chinatown and where I recommend you start your tour of the neighborhood.

Mahayana temple and its Buddha on the lotus

One of the essential things to see in Chinatown in New York is the Mahayana Buddhist temple, with a 5-meter golden Buddha on a lotus flower, surrounded by offerings.

Columbus Park and Kim Lau Arch

In Columbus Park it is nice to go for a walk, it is common to see people practicing tai chi and exercising first thing in the morning. Close to the park is the Kim Lau Arch. This arch was built in honor of Chinese-Americans killed in combat.

Church of the Transfiguration

The Church of the Transfiguration is a Christian and Chinese religion church, its sermons are in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Museum in America

If you want to delve into the history of Chinese immigration to the USA, visit the Chinese Museum in America. I didn't have time to enter and I can't tell you if it's worth it, if you enter tell me about the experience :)