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What to see and do in Albany, the capital of the State of New York

Did you know that the capital of the state of New York is not New York as many think? The capital is Albany.

Albany has about 100,000 inhabitants, very little compared to large American cities, and this fact makes Albany maintain a very pleasant atmosphere and tranquility that you will not find in New York City.

Visiting Albany is a great day trip to do from New York. I recommend that if you have days off and are planning to visit nearby areas, rent a car and take it easy, even if you can add a night in Albany, much better.

In this post I talk about what to see and do in Albany, where to stay and some tips that will help you organize your trip.

What to see and do in Albany


Start by visiting The Empire State Plaza

The Empire State Plaza is an impressive plaza that features the city's very important monuments and buildings. One of the most important buildings is the New York State Capitol, built in the year 1899. It has been the seat of the New York State legislature and is a national historic landmark. There are guided tours to see the Capitol and learn about the history of the city.

In addition, you can visit the New York State Museum, attend an update on the Egg, an impressive building that resembles a spaceship, or even try ice skating on the rink they set up in winter.

What to see and do in Albany,

Climb up to the Corning Tower Observatory

Go up to the Corning Tower, the city's observatory. Located on the 42nd floor, this free observatory is the perfect opportunity to get incredible views of the entire city, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskills.

All Saints Cathedral

Construction of this Gothic-style cathedral began in 1888 and is still unfinished today. Not only is the exterior beautiful, the interior has wonders such as stained glass windows, stone carvings, and Belgian choir stalls dating back to the 17th century.

Stroll through the Center Square & Hudson Park neighborhood

Very close to the capitol, heading towards State Street, you can lose yourself in the streets of the Center Square & Hudson Park neighborhood. Here you will find stately homes, small classic mansions and a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafes. The neighborhood is very charming.

Find the New York Education Building

It is an architectural jewel that dates back to 1912 and does not go unnoticed. It stands out for its extensive row of 36 giant Corinthian marble columns.

What to see and do in Albany,

Albany City Hall

Albany City Hall is an impressive building to see in Albany. It also functioned as a congress before the construction of the Capitol.

The whole city is beautiful. You can stroll through Washington Park, through the Palace Theaters and if you have time and have rented a car, get to know Lake George and Saratoga Springs.

What to see and do in Albany,


If you want to stay in Albany you have several options. Don't expect a wide variety though, like in New York City. Some great options:


I hope you enjoy your trip to Albany very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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