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15 Essential Things to See on Wall Street and Lower Manhattan

The financial district of New York is a very famous neighborhood and you will have seen it in movies, series and in many photographs. If you want to see it in person, we recommend you visit it from Monday to Friday because there is more atmosphere, the number of offices there are so many people on the move during the week, making you feel like one of them.

There are many places to see on Wall Street and the lower part of Manhattan. Beyond the famous New York Stock Exchange, you can visit other sites related to finance, churches, parks and buildings with history. So I recommend that you dedicate at least one whole day of your New York itinerary to get to know this part of the city.

Qué ver en Wall Street, Manhattan


1. The New York Stock Exchange

The first thing I recommend you visit is the New York Stock Exchange. New York has the largest stock market in the world in monetary value and number of companies. Its headquarters are at 11 Wall Street, the street that gives its name to the financial district. The New York Stock Exchange has become the world economic center. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the New York Stock Exchange has not been open to the public, but its façade continues to be an essential thing to see on Wall Street and from here you can start your route.

2. The Wall Street Bull

Another stop you should make is to have your picture taken with the Wall Street Bull.

It is a sculpture created by Arturo Di Modica, made of bronze and installed in the area in 1989. It represents the strength and optimism of the American people after a great stock market crash in 1987. Now it has become the representative of New York's financial district and economic prosperity. Legend has it that if you rub the bull's testicles you will have good luck. If you travel in high season, the queues to be photographed with the bull are huge. If you start your day early, go early to take advantage of the fact that there are fewer people and take the famous photo with the bull :)

Qué ver en Wall Street, Manhattan

3. The girl with no name

In front of the bull you will find the figure of a girl. A few hours before International Women's Day in 2017, a bronze sculpture of a girl standing up to the Wall Street bull appeared. It is the work of the sculptor Kristel Visbal, who wanted to represent the strength of women in an environment managed mostly by men.

The sculptor of the bull complained because this 1.30m girl gave his work a negative connotation of his creation. That's why the girl moved in front of the stock exchange building. Do you like change?

Qué ver en Wall Street, Manhattan

4. Bowling Green