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15 Things to do in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is known as the seaside resort of New Jersey. The city was founded in the 1850s and offers long sandy beaches and a wide variety of accommodation, establishments and places to have fun. It is also known as Las Vegas on the East Coast of the United States. In the city, you will find a wide variety of casinos and theaters that offer shows 24 hours a day.

Most of the restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues are located on the boardwalk, a five-and-a-half-mile-long, 60-foot-wide boardwalk. Although Atlantic City began as a small fishing village, by the end of the 19th century it had become a summer resort and for decades it has been a popular spot for water sports such as surfing, swimming and sailing.

If you are thinking of doing a road trip through New Jersey, do not miss this post because I explain the 15 best things to do in Atlantic City, where to stay and some tips to prepare your trip.


1. Stroll the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City's waterfront is the liveliest area of ​​the city. You will find an impressive 227-foot Ferris wheel and it carries 240 passengers in its gondolas. This Ferris wheel works all year round thanks to the fact that the capsules are acclimatized. In addition, there are several fair-style games where you can enjoy an afternoon of games buying tickets for those games that you like the most.

2. Find the old Atlantic City Pier

At the end of the boardwalk you'll find the city's old pier, Ocean One. This historic pier has attracted visitors since 1906, when Captain John Young opened his famous Million Dollar Pier here. The pier has since been converted into a high-end shopping mall, the Pier Shops at Caesars.

3. Enjoy the rides at Steel Pier

The Steel Pier is a small "amusement park" very similar to Coney Island in New York. It was built in 1898, on top of an old amusement dock, it goes 300 meters into the sea. There is a wide variety of attractions for all ages, including tea cups, children's trains, the swing carousel and roller coasters for older children and adults.

4. See the views from Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City

At the north end of Atlantic City you'll find the Absecon Lighthouse. This lighthouse has 228 steps and is notable for still having the original first-order Fresnel lens in place when the structure was built in 1857. At 171 feet, it is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey and the third tallest of its kind in the United States. USA

The lighthouse was renovated to commemorate New Jersey's 300th anniversary. It is made of granite blocks, exposed brick and iron. It is painted black and yellow.

You can visit and see the rooms of the lighthouse and the museum, which includes exhibits on the history of lighthouses and their keepers, local maritime history, and shipwrecks.

6. Lucy the Margate Elephant

It's a 65-foot, six-story-tall wood and tin elephant built in the small seaside town of Margate in 1881 to attract prospective buyers to summer homes in the area. Since then, Lucy has been a tavern, a summer house, and a viewing platform.

It has been included in the Register of Historical Monuments of the National Park. You will be able to climb the spiral staircase to the “howdah”, the small hut-like structure at its back, with its wonderful panoramic views. Fun guided tours are offered.

7. Visit Ocean City

Just 11 miles south of Atlantic City, Ocean City is a popular destination with families, especially. Here you will find some of the best beaches in New Jersey. The boardwalk is a place full of quaint little restaurants. The city includes amusement parks, fairs, theaters and the Ocean City Historic Museum.

8. Atlantic City Historical Museum

Returning to downtown Atlantic City, you'll find the Atlantic City Historical Museum, which tells the story of the city's conversion from a small fishing village to one of the busiest tourist destinations in the US.

Exhibits include artifacts, costumes, photographs, song sheets, postcards, and a variety of Miss America memorabilia. There are also archival shots of Thomas Edison on the beach, mesmerizing footage of the Miss America pageant, and Steel Pier's famous high-jumping horse.

9. Atlantic City Public Library

In the public library of the city you will find the Atlantic City Experience, where a series of collections and research materials related to the unique development of the city are exhibited. You can visit for free on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

10. Visit the War Memorials

Atlantic City is home to two war memorials. The oldest is the World War I Memorial, built in 1922 and dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Great War of 1914-1918. It features an impressive rotunda that houses Liberty in Distress, a nine-foot bronze statue.

The other notable memorial is the New Jersey Korean War Veterans Rial Memo. The monument was built as a reminder of those who died in the name of democracy while fighting on the Korean peninsula from 1950 to 1953, ensuring a better future for the people of South Korea, and is a lasting tribute to those who died in the conflict.

11. The Atlantic City Aquarium, a fun activity to do with children

The Atlantic City Aquarium has many fun hands-on and interactive exhibits showcasing marine life from around the world. Highlights include the New Jersey shore marine life such as sea bass, sand tiger sharks and northern rays, coral reef creatures and predators.

The aquariums with tropical sharks and manta rays are amazing, as are the many species of reptiles and amphibians on display. Twice daily, there is an exotic animal show featuring some of the aquarium's most interesting residents.

12. The African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey

The African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey offers information and an exhibit on the struggle of African Americans throughout the centuries. Highlights include interesting exhibits and more than 11,000 historical and cultural artifacts.

The museum also houses a collection of Atlantic County soldier memorabilia spanning from World War I to current conflicts.

13. Atlantic City Art Center

The Atlantic City Art Center presents art exhibits from national and regional artists. The museum features ever-changing exhibits that include photography, sculpture, and painting, among other media.

The Art Center also hosts concerts, gallery talks, artist demonstrations, and literary readings throughout the year.

14. Historic Gardner Basin

Historic Gardner's Basin is a town that houses original maritime exhibits like the Steel Pier Diving Bell, once used to lower guests to the seabed.

Gardner’s Basin is also a popular place from which to embark on a fishing or dolphin watching cruise, as well as visit the original and unique shops of Crafters Village.

15. Absecon Wildlife Management Area Kayak Tour

Very close to the city center is this natural area with small islets. It is a protected reserve and you can get to know it doing a kayak route. There are organized routes or you can rent a kayak and go on your own.


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