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The most interesting curiosities of Morocco

You already know that I like to look for curiosities from all the countries I travel. Morocco is a fascinating country, full of good vibes, colors, smells, culture... with great gastronomy and lots of places to visit. But... How much do you know about Morocco? I tell you the most interesting curiosities of Morocco!

Curiosidades de Marruecos


The most popular destination in Africa

Morocco is a very popular country among travelers and for this reason it is the most visited country in Africa. It has everything; dreamlike landscapes with deserts, jungles, mountains, sea... as well as a lot of places to visit.

National drink of the country

Green tea is the national drink of Morocco and it tastes great. It is not surprising that they offer it to you everywhere, when you arrive at the hotel, in shops, restaurants... and you should always accept it. Even if it's a sip. It is a courtesy that is not well seen to reject and they could feel offended.

Curiosidades de Marruecos

The oldest university in the world

The University of al-Qarawiyyin is located in Fez and was founded in the year 859 by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri. It is currently one of the best centers in the world for Natural Sciences, although it also offers studies in other fields.

The left hand is unclean

The left hand is considered impure because it is used for intimate hygiene. You must take this into account when greeting and especially when eating. Keep in mind that in Morocco you eat a lot with your hands, so avoid the left hand as much as possible.

You must perfect your art in haggling

In Arab culture it is a very common social act. It is common that in markets or stores you do not find the products with the price and you have to ask. Here, depending on how "foreign" they see you, they will ask you for one price or another (personally verified with my friends) so start haggling very low and you will arrive at an intermediate price.

Out shoes I love it!

If there is something that I love, it is always going barefoot. And when I travel to destinations where taking off your shoes is practically a requirement, I couldn't be happier.

In Morocco it is customary for shoes to go outside at home.

Just as in many Asian countries, shoes remain at the door because they have stepped on the street and are "impure" or may have diseases and dirt, in Morocco it is basically to keep the home clean. They are very clean in terms of floors above all, and in the houses they are usually always full of carpets or rugs. There are some hotels that apply the same rule and will offer you some light slippers to walk around the hotel with.

Casablanca has the tallest religious building in the world

The Hasan II Mosque was built in 1992 and is 210 meters high, making it the tallest religious building in the world. The mosque is built with different materials from various areas of Morocco. These materials are mainly: Agadir marble, Middle Atlas cedar and Tagraoute granite.

Curiosidades de Marruecos

Widows wear white

The official color for mourning in Morocco is white. Moroccan tradition says that widows must wear white for 40 days after the death of their husband. And different days apply depending on who is deceased.

The Moroccan royal guard is one of the oldest in the world

The Moroccan royal guard is made up of 3,000 men and its objective is to guarantee the safety of the king. It was created in the year 1088 by the Almoravid sultan Yusuf ibn Tasufin, thus being one of the oldest military bodies in the world.

What does the Moroccan flag mean?

The red color of the background represents the descendants of Muhammad. The green color of the interlocking pentagram is the seal of Solomon. And the star means wisdom, life and health.

Curiosidades de Marruecos


I hope you enjoy your trip to Morocco a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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