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15 Essential places to see in Malta

Malta is a small country, made up of 3 islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino. If you are thinking of traveling to Malta you should keep in mind that visiting all three of them cannot be missed on your itinerary. In Malta you will not lack things to see and do, in this post I tell you 15 essential places to see in Malta, I give you some travel tips and I leave you links that will take you to other articles to complete your trip. Let's start!

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta


1. Visit Valletta, capital of Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta and you will fall in love as soon as you step into it. It has a very special charm, with cobblestone streets, buildings in cinnamon tones and colorful balconies. In Valletta you have many things to do, including a free tour.

Some of the most essential places to visit in Valletta are: St. John's Cathedral, the Grand Master's Palace, Fort Saint Elmo, the Bárraka Gardens and the Hypogeum. You can read the post 10 essential things to see in Valletta, if you want to know what else to do in the city.

In Valletta I recommend that you do not go on time. Take advantage of a day to get lost in its streets, enjoy the architecture of the city, the corners, the interior patios that you find as you go. Eat on one of its terraces, and walk calmly.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

2. Visit the Three Cities; Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua

All three cities are located near Valletta, and each of them has its charm. Although they are named as three cities, they are more like small towns or neighborhoods. To give you an idea, the city of Vittoriosa measures 800 meters long x 400 meters wide.

Here you will find some places of interest such as the Fort of Saint Angel, the Senglea pier and the Gardjola gardens. Although I recommend walking through its streets since there are several monuments built by the knights of the Order of Malta, small churches and small streets full of color.

3. Walk through Mdina, the walled city of silence

Mdina is one of the most beautiful cities in Malta. Perhaps its beauty lies in the fact that it is completely walled, with narrow streets, full of mansions and that a silence full of mysteries reigns in it. Without a doubt it is an essential stop on your trip to Malta. You can read the post on What to see and do in Mdina and Rabat, to learn more about these cities.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

4. Visit Rabat, an essential city to see in Malta

The same day you visit the city of Mdina, just 15 minutes away, is the city of Rabat. You can combine the two cities. Unlike Mdina, in Rabat there is much more atmosphere. The city is famous for its Roman vestiges and for the different catacombs that Christians excavated throughout the city. Go to the post What to see and do in Mdina and Rabat, to learn more about these cities.

5. See Valletta from Sliema

Sliema is a “town” near Valletta, ideal for staying. From Sliema there are beautiful views of Valletta and you can take very cool panoramic views. There are many restaurants and shops here, as well as small hotels. The city is connected to Valletta with a ferry that runs every half hour.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

6. Walk around Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a fishing village and one of the most beautiful places in Malta. The port is full of small colorfully painted boats, called luzzu. Every Sunday morning, there is a market in Marsaxlokk. You can stroll through the stops, taste some local products, buy souvenirs and take the opportunity to eat fresh fish in one of the restaurants along the promenade.

Very close to Marsaxlook is St. Pere's Pool, a natural pool between the rocks where you can take a bath.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

7. Visit Popeye Village, Popeye Village

You will find Popeye Village in the northwest of the island of Malta. This is the place where Robert Altman's 1979 Popeye movie was filmed. The town was completely built for the filming of the movie, previously there was nothing built here. To access the town you must pay an entrance fee. If you want you can also take an excursion.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

8. Get to know the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra megalithic temples

One of the megalithic wonders of Malta is the mysterious Hagar Qim temple, in the south of the island. This temple has a megalith of almost 60 tons.

It is one of the megalithic temples in Malta considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Between 3600 and 3200 BC, Neolithic civilizations built this incredible stone complex using quite advanced techniques. Due to the excellent conservation of the temple, it is believed that it could have been covered by a stone vault that protected it from the sun and rain.

Bone remains of domestic animals were found inside, suggesting that the temple was used for animal sacrifices or to keep livestock. Furthermore, the shape of the temple and the presence of altars suggests the possibility that the temple was used for religious rituals.

Just 500 meters from the Hagar Qim site is the Mnajdra temple. Dating back to 3000 BC, it is built with limestone and is located next to a cliff. In this case, the temple is aligned with the stars in such a way that light enters through a hole in the main room during the spring and autumn solstice.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

9. Marvel at the views of the Dingli Cliffs

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Malta are the Dingli cliffs. They are located near the city of Mdina, and therefore many agencies organize excursions with guided tours of the cliffs and the city.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

10. Tour the Island of Gozo

Spend a couple of days exploring the island of Gozo. In Gozo you will not lack places to visit! In addition, some of the most spectacular landscapes in Malta are found here!

Some of the most essential places to visit are the capital of Gozo, Victoria. The temples of Ggantija, Dwerjra Bay, where the Blue Grotto and the Inland Sea are located, Calypso Cave and the Ta'Pinu Basilica. Although there are many more places. You can read everything you can see and do in Gozo in the Post 10+3 essential places to visit in Gozo.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

11. Enjoy a true paradise in Comino

Without a doubt the smallest island of Malta, it is impressive. It is a practically virgin paradise with an arid landscape and beaches with intense turquoise blue water. Here is the famous blue lagoon. Without a doubt, you should dedicate one day of your trip to getting to know this place. I tell you all about Comino in the post How to visit Comino, Malta's blue lagoon.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

12. Malta Beaches

Malta is a perfect destination to combine cultural visits, history and art, with natural landscapes and beautiful beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Malta are Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Golden Bay and Paradise Bay. On the Island of Comino you have the blue lagoon and other small, quieter coves near the lagoon. And in Gozo one of the most beautiful beaches in Ramla.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta

13. The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a set of sea caves, which can be visited on a guided boat tour. You cannot access it on your own. Once you enter the caves, the intense blue of the sea is reflected between the whitish limestone walls. It is very beautiful, but you must keep in mind that the sea in this area is usually always somewhat rough, and if you normally get dizzy, you should have a drink or do another activity.

14. St. Peter's Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is a beautiful natural pool that you will find near Marsaxlokk. It is an incredible place where among limestone rocks. You can even jump from the small cliff formed by the rocks to fall into the pool. Otherwise, you can also use the stairs.

15. Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum

In this cave a large amount of bone remains from the last Glacial Maximum are exposed. There are remains of elephants, hippos and other animals that you would never imagine could have been in Malta before. The cave has a depth of almost 150 meters, but you could only visit 50 of them. It is a very interesting visit to see in Malta.

15 Lugares imprescindibles que ver en Malta


I hope you enjoy your trip to Malta and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue readingmany more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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