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The 5 Best Places to Eat Donuts in New York

You probably have already realized that I love sweets. Anything that's baked, sugary, and full of delicious flavors, and I'm basically at a loss. I devour it all! I would love to say that I only try the sweets of each place I visit because I want to “taste the world” but basically it is because I lose my sweets. And if we talk about sweets in New York, we have many options but the Donuts, oohhh, are on another level.

You have an infinite number of places to eat donuts in New York, some very popular in Manhattan, others in Brooklyn... although you really have many options, here I am going to tell you about the best places to eat donuts in New York City.


1. Underwest donuts, at a car wash

Underwest Donuts is a popular place in Manhattan and not because of its car wash, but because they sell a variety of sweet flavors including maple waffle, crepes, tarts, varieties of coffees including a delicious coconut espresso bean and raspberry. It sounds weird, but I assure you it's delicious.

And of course, the Donuts. They have all kinds; pumpkin, macha tea, raspberry, passion fruit, caramel... as well as some savory options and some seasonal donuts.

It is found in Hells Kitchen, in a car wash. And it is a place very frequented by New Yorkers.

2. The Donut Project, for lovers of chocolate donuts

This headquarters has several stores, the New York headquarters is located at 10 Morton Street.

When I walked past the aroma coming from the store was incredible. Your mouth was watering.

They have a variety of sweets, although their specialty is donuts and above all they have a wide variety of chocolate donuts.

There is one in particular that I loved, the chocolate donut filled with custard with spices (actually it is a saloon, but we are not going to get picky when it comes to sweets, right?)

3. Donut Plant and its specialty Pistachio Donuts

I have visited New York on many occasions and had not discovered this place until this last trip. What was I missing!

It was inaugurated in the 90s and is committed to offering a variety of Donuts with very natural flavors, organic and with seasonal products, whenever possible.

There are several stores throughout New York, although I only knew the one located on the East Side of Manhattan.

You have many donuts with nuts, but especially the pistachio one is great. You have to try it!

4. The Donut Pub, for lovers of Red Velvet

This place makes these little red velvet stuffed sedans that are killer. In addition, they also have red velvet donuts, carrot cake, cheesecake flavor… And if you are not so daring with flavors you have options of nuts, chocolate, strawberry…