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The 5 best places to dive in Cuba

Cuba not only has beautiful cities, paradisiacal beaches and places with a lot of atmosphere to have a mojito. In Cuba you can do all kinds of water activities, and diving is one of the most outstanding.

In this post I tell you about the 5 best places to dive in Cuba.

mejores lugares para bucear en Cuba

The calm, clean and warm waters of the Caribbean become the perfect setting for expert divers and ideal for all those who snorkel because here you can also enjoy like a dwarf.

Cuba has large coral formations with more than 500 species of fish, a multitude of different types of sponges, a diversity of mollusks, crustaceans, algae, gorgons (commonly called sea fans), and other enigmatic animals and plants that extend along the from practically the entire edge of the island.

The legacy of so much naval warfare leaves hundreds of sunken ships. Impressive galleons and caravels, charged in another time with transporting treasures from the New World to the Old Continent, were sent to the bottom of the Caribbean by pirates or by the irrepressible force of nature.

The water temperature that oscillates between 21 and 29º C, so you can take advantage and immerse yourself at any time of the year.

mejores lugares para bucear en Cuba


1. The Isla de la Juventud, one of the best places to dive in Cuba

This island is also known as Treasure Island, it is located west of Jardines de la Reina, you can get here from Pinar del Río. It has 56 places to dive, where you will find walls, caves, tunnels, sharks.

It is an impressive place full of life and with a great variety of fish. Some places to see under the sea are Piedra del Coral, Túnel del Amor, Cueva Azul, Ancla del Pirata and Pasaje Escondido... among many more.

2. Fat Maria

Located in Pinar del Rio, on the north coast of Havana. It is famous for the Black Coral and you can usually find Barracuda, Lobsters and Crabs.

You will be able to enjoy beautiful underwater landscapes such as Yemaya, a large wall that will take you to a tunnel, María's Hall, El Almirante, El Jardín de Gorgonias, Las tetas de Maria and El Ancla de Francois.

3. Coastline of Cienfuegos

On the coast of Cienfuegos is where the famous coral of Nostre Dame is. In this area are; caves, more than ten sunken ships with excellent conservation conditions, underwater valleys and one of the most populated coral formations in the Caribbean Sea. It is easy to get to these areas.

4. Coastline of Santiago de Cuba

The seabed of the coast in front of Santiago de Cuba has a coral reef with great visibility and state of conservation. In addition, Santiago has 73 submerged ships, including the fleet of Admiral Cervera that sank in 1898 in the Spanish-Cuban North American war, which you can explore in all its magnitude.

5. Jardines del Rey, one of the most incredible natural wonders where to dive in Cuba

Finally I leave the most spectacular and it is that it is considered one of the most extensive and varied coral formations on the planet.

mejores lugares para bucear en Cuba


I hope you enjoy your trip to Cuba a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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