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Where to stay in Sapa: Best areas and hotels

Sapa is a relatively small city in the north of Vietnam. If you still do not know or are not sure about adding Sapa to your Vietnam itinerary, I recommend that you do not think about it anymore. Sapa is one of the most magical places to see in the country. Here you have the complete guide to visit Sapa.

In this post I talk about the best areas to stay in Sapa (Vietnam) and some great accommodation options.

WHERE TO STAY IN SAPA: Best areas and hotels

We could say that Sapa center is divided into two parts. The area around the train station and the Hô Sa Pa Lake area. Although if you are interested in living the experience in the rice fields and wilder areas, you also have several options and different categories.

1. The train station and surroundings, a comfortable and central option to stay in Sapa

If you are going to arrive by train or bus to Sapa you will arrive in this area. It is the "most central" area where a large part of the accommodation is located. Here you have hotels of various categories, which will be very cheap. You can stay in 3-star hotels with a good reputation for around 10-12 euros per person. You have several places to eat, shop... In addition, this is the area from where all the tours and excursions usually depart to visit the rice fields.

Some great options where to stay in the Sapa Railway Station area:

2. Stay around the Sapa Lake, a very magical and mystical area where to stay in Sapa

An area that I love in Sapa is the Lake area. It has a lot of charm. Surrounding the lake with the morning mist is one of the most mystical and special things to do in Sapa. In addition, it is surrounded by small hotels, restaurants and cafes.

It is my favorite area without a doubt.

Some great options where to stay around Sapa Lake:


I have been to Sapa twice. Both times I have stayed at the same hotel, the 3-star Sapa Luxury Hotel. It is a very well maintained small hotel run by a family. They take great care of you and the attention is incredible. It is a bit far from the center, about 5 minutes walking. It is a very cheap option, you can book a double room for about 25 euros/night with breakfast included. You can see more information about the Sapa Luxury Hotel from here.

3. Staying outside of Sapa: a great option if you are looking to connect with the nature of northern Vietnam

Staying in the outskirts is a good option if you want to stay in a home stay or in an accommodation between rice fields.

You can find several alternatives, the vast majority of them run by families and ecotourism. In addition, they usually include or/and offer activities and tours.

Some great options where to stay outside of Sapa:


I hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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