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Where to stay in Penang Island: Best areas and hotels

If you are thinking of traveling to Malaysia and you are still not convinced to include Penang in your itinerary, think no more, it is one of the essential places to see in Malaysia. Despite the fact that Malaysia has many islands and many, much more paradisiacal than Penang, Penang is an island with a lot of history and culture and with an infinite number of things to do.

In this post you will find a small practical guide on where to stay on Penang Island and some travel tips that can help you organize your trip to Malaysia.

Dónde alojarse en Penang Island


1. Staying in Georgetown, a good option where to stay on Penang Island

Georgetown is the main city on the island (although not the only one). Walking through its streets, finding all its graffiti, visiting its temples and learning about its culture and history, is one of the best things to do on the Island.

Staying in Georgetown will allow you to find all types of accommodation and for all budgets. From hostels for 5 euros per person and night, to hotels of different categories.

Georgetown is not an expensive city (actually, Malaysia as a whole is quite cheap in terms of accommodation). In addition, there is always a lot of leisure and life throughout the day and night, with a wide variety of charming cafes, restaurants, street food stalls, shops...

Some great options where to stay in Georgetown

2. Natu Ferringhi, a good option if you are looking for beaches and resorts

If what you are looking for is to complement your visit to the island with relaxation and the beach, a good option is to stay at Natu Ferrinhi. It is a much smaller city than Georgetown, although it is also interesting to visit, and it has a lot of accommodation on the coast.

Here you will find “more luxurious” accommodations, although at a good price along the entire coast.

Natu Ferringhi is located on the north coast of the island and is very close to the Penang National Park and halfway between Natu Ferringhi and Georgetown you will find the Penang Botanical Gardens, another of the essential places to see on Penang Island.

Some great accommodations in Natu Ferringhi

3. Stay in South Penang

Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island are located in the southern part of Penang. In addition, it is the most leafy area full of natural parks and jungles. You have several options. You can stay in Teluk Kumbar where there are few accommodations and it will give you the feeling of being in a paradise. Another option is Balik Pulau, a little further up where you will find 4 or 5 accommodations of different categories, but quite rural. Or you can also stay in Bayan Lepas, an area of ​​the city where, in addition to beaches, you will also have many interesting places to visit. In addition, it is the area where you will find the best prices for accommodation. From the latter, daily boats leave for the island paradise Pulau Jerejak, where you can spend the day.


Dónde alojarse en Penang Island


I hope you enjoy your trip to Malaysia a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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