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Where to stay in Malmö: Best areas and hotels

Sweden is expensive and staying in any city spending little is very complicated. In general, accommodation is around 100 euros per night, although depending on the season this cost may increase. In this post I tell you about the best areas to stay in Malmö and some great accommodation options.


1. Gamla Staden, the most beautiful area to stay in Malmö

Malmö is a city that you can visit in 1 day. The biggest attractions of the city are found in the historic center, the Gamla Staden. So, if your intention is to make a quick visit and stay one night, I recommend you do it in this area. The area has many hotels and there are usually offers in low or medium season. The price starts at 100 euros per night in a double room in a standard hotel.

Some great accommodation options in Malmö:

2. Västra hamnen, a good quality-price alternative to stay in Malmö

Although it is an area somewhat further from the historic center (about a 20-minute walk), it is a modern area that has several architectural wonders, including the Turning Torso. Here you will find quite a few modern hotels with good value for money. You can find 3-star hotels for 80 euros a night in a double room, and 4-star hotels from 100 euros a night in a double room.

Some great accommodation options in Västra hamnen:

Malmö is a very small city and the areas hardly differ from each other. These are the most recommended areas if you do not want to stay in the outskirts. Also an alternative would be to stay near the train station. Although then you will have to walk a little to the center or take public transport or a taxi.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Sweden a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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