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Where to stay in Hue: Best areas and hotels

If you are thinking of traveling to Vietnam and want to include Hue in your itinerary (something that I recommend 100%) you may be wondering which is the best area to stay in Hue.

This city is located in the central part of Vietnam and was the imperial capital for 143 years. In this post I will tell you about the best areas to stay in Hue and I will add some great accommodation options for all budgets.


Hue is not a very big city and there are mainly two recommended areas to stay.

1. Phú Hoi, the best area to stay in Hue

The Phú Hoi neighborhood is located south of the Perfume River. It is an area with many accommodations of different categories, restaurants, shops... At night the atmosphere is lively thanks to its pedestrian streets and street food stalls.

It is an area where you can find very cheap accommodation, although you have all kinds of options. It is quite central.

Great accommodation options in Phu Hoy, Hue

Shark Homestay: A great option for a tight budget. Prices are usually around 9 euros per person per day with breakfast included in a double room. It is a Homestay with a very good score.

Orchid Hotel: It was our choice of accommodation. It is a 3-star hotel, with very comfortable rooms, full bathroom, air conditioning. It has an excellent location and very reasonable and affordable prices. You can find a room for 26 euros per night with breakfast included, in a double room (13 euros per person).

2. Phu Nhuan, around Hung Vuong Street

Phú Nhuan is also in the south of the Perfume River, right next to Phú Hoi. It is a very central area and quieter than Phú Hoi. It is the perfect option if you want to stay in the center and be quiet. There is a main avenue, Hung Vuong, lined with restaurants, shopping malls and hotels.

Great accommodation options in Hung Vuong, Hue

Jade Hotel: This simple but comfortable hotel is a good option if you are on a tight budget. It is a 2-star hotel and you can find accommodation for 18 euros per night in a double room.

The Scarlett Boutique Hotel: It is a 3 star hotel. Perhaps from the list, this is the best hotel. It is a beautiful accommodation, with a restaurant and spa. It has very spacious rooms and you can find accommodation for 40 euros a night in a double room with breakfast included.

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