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Where to stay in Hanoi: Best areas and hotels

If you already know me a little from more articles or from social networks, Vietnam is one of my favorite countries, and I have stayed in Hanoi in particular several times. I love this city!

The city center (not just the old town) is relatively small and it's possible to walk and walk to see all the places, take a taxi or get around in a riskshaw so it doesn't really matter much where you stay as long as it's a good area, safe and comfortable.

In general, Vietnam is a very safe country. And personally, I have traveled alone, as a couple, with my parents, with my children (being babies)... so if you want to know a little more about the security of the country, I will tell you the definitive guide to travel to Vietnam. Where you will also find many tips.

In this article we are going to talk about the best areas to stay in Hanoi, first-hand practical advice and I will also add a series of hotels to make it easier for you to find your way around and find one that suits you and your budget.

As always, if there is a photo that catches your eye, with a single click you go directly to the hotel page.

WHERE TO STAY IN HANOI: Best areas and hotels

Old Quarter, the best area to stay in Hanoi

Unquestionably, the best area to stay in Hanoi is the Old Quater. This area is not only the most charming in the city, but here you will find a 24-hour atmosphere, restaurants, bars, shops, street food and plenty of accommodation (many boutique) and very cheap (although there are also all types of hotels and prices).

Inside the Old Quater, we are going to differentiate the area into 3 parts:

Near Hoan Kiem Lake

The Old Quater is quite large and the best option is to stay as close to Hoan Kiem Lake as possible. This lake with its famous Ngoc Son temple is one of the best known images of Hanoi with its red bridge.

Some great accommodation options in Hoan Kiem:

If you are looking for something cheap (in Hanoi it is very easy to find cheap accommodation, you can even find 5 stars for 35 euros/night double room) one of the options that I use a lot is the hotel Hanoi La Selva Central Hotel & Spa 3 * usually around 12 euros/night room. double although I have come to pay 9 euros/night room. double. In addition, it has very good ratings and opinions.

Close to the Temple of Literature and Train Street

It is a very quiet area (within the chaos that is Hanoi) and you can find some good value for money accommodation. Hotels are usually close to Train Street and walking about 500 meters is the Temple of Literature. Right next to the temple, there is nothing, just some accommodation in private homes.

Some great accommodation options near the Temple of Literature/Train Street:

Near the Hanoi Opera House

On the other shore of the Lake, we find places of interest such as the Hanoi Opera House and some museums. This area is somewhat more exclusive, but it is also a little further away from the old town and the chaotic streets that we like so much (night market, Ngoc Son temple...) even so, it is a good option and in a good area.

Some great options where to stay near the Hanoi Opera House:



I hope you enjoy Hanoi very much, it is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting places to visit. You can read all the Vietnam articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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