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Where to stay in Budapest: Best areas and hotels

Budapest has a total of 23 districts, each of them has a special charm and many places of interest to visit. So you have many places to choose from to stay. In addition, Budapest has a wide variety of types of accommodation, for all tastes and budgets. But… What is the best area to stay in Budapest? With so much to choose from, starting to look for accommodation can be stressful.

In this post I make it easy for you and explain to you the 3 best areas to stay in Budapest, I add some great accommodation options and some tips to save money in the city.

Where to stay in Budapest: Best areas and hotels


As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, you have a total of 23 districts where you can stay in Budapest. Some districts are remote, not very touristy, more residential or not highly recommended. The best areas are those closest to the center. I add 3 great options for areas to stay in Budapest and have a perfect experience.

1. Staying in Buda (District 1), the most beautiful area to stay in Budapest

For me, Buda is the most beautiful area of ​​Budapest. In Buda you will find the castle and the Fisherman's Bastion, two of the most essential places to see in Budapest.

You have options for hostels, boutique hotels, and some more luxurious options. It is a very quiet area, and not as lively as the Pest part.

Also, the advantage of Buddha is that it is on top of a hill. And some hotels have incredible views of the city. With public transport or walking you will reach the Pest part of the city in a short time.

Some great accommodation options in Buda, Budapest:

Staying in the center of Pest, Budapest

In Pest you will find much more life, leisure, restaurants, shops, museums... it is a much more lively area than Buda. In Pest there are many areas to stay but the two best options are:

2. Stay in Terézváros, Budapest's 6th district

District 6 is a little far from the Danube bank. But it is close to several places of interest such as Andrássy Avenue and Heroes' Square. In this area there are also many theaters, museums... In addition, it has a very good public transport connection and you can reach other areas of the city in no time. It is a much cheaper area than Buda. You can find hostels, 3-star hotels... although you also have more luxurious options.

Some great options for where to stay in Budapest's 6th district:

3. Lipótcáros and Belváros, the best option where to stay in Budapest

District 5  stretched along the Danube River. And it covers most of the tourist places to see in Budapest. You have a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, shops, party venues...

It is probably the smartest option where to stay in Budapest, since you have everything, although it is not exactly the cheapest option. But don't worry, there are hotels of all types and for all budgets.

Some great options for where to stay in Budapest's 5th district:



I hope you enjoy your trip to Budapest and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue readingmany more related articles on the blog.

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