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Where to stay in Bratislava: Best areas and hotels

Staying in Bratislava is quite cheap. In general, the whole country is cheap, so if you are looking for a cheap trip, traveling to Slovakia is a good option.

Our first trip to Slovakia was because we found a very cheap flight for a weekend to Bratislava and we said why not?

We liked the city so much that two years later we decided to make a route around the country. Here you will find a complete guide to what to see in Slovakia, the most beautiful cities, landscapes... Here you have 30 things to see and do in Bratislava. In this post I will tell you about the best areas and hotels to stay in Bratislava.


1. Staré Mestro, the best area to stay in Bratislava

The Staré Mesto is the historic center of Bratislava. Most of the places of interest to see in the city are located there.

You will find a beautiful medieval center. The city is small and can be visited on a weekend, so I recommend staying in the center to make the most of your time.

In this area you can find 4 and 5 star hotels with breakfast between 70 and 90 euros per night in a double room. And 3-star hotels between 35 and 50 euros per night.

Some great accommodation options in the Old Town of Bratislava:

2. Nové Mestro, the most modern area to stay in Bratislava

Staying at Nové Mestro is a good alternative. And it is a comfortable option, especially if you travel with family or friends and you are interested in finding an apartment. In this area there are many options and all very modern. You can find apartments for 4 people from 60 euros per night.

There are about 3km to get to the historic center, you can do it on foot and it will take about 30 minutes, rent a bike, take a taxi or use the buses or the tram.

Some great accommodation options in Nové Mestro, Bratislava:

3. Petrzalka, staying by the Danube

This option is perhaps the least comfortable where to stay in Bratislava. It is quite far from the center, although if you want something very cheap, you will find good options here. However, you should keep in mind that, in general, Bratislava is cheap and it may not be worth staying so much in the center since what you will save, you will spend on transfers.

If you are looking for a very quiet option with views of the Danube, this is your area.

Some accommodation options in Patrzalka:

4. Ružinov, a comfortable alternative to stay in Bratislava

Ružinov is one of the best areas and very comfortable. In this district is located the Nivy neighborhood which is known as the new center of the emerging city of Bratislava. An essential thing to see in the city. To get to the historic center you can do it by bus or by tram, it is very well connected.

You can find good hotels for about 60 euros per night in a double room. Although you have several category options for all budgets.

Some great accommodation options in Ružinov:



I hope you enjoy your trip to Slovakia very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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