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Where to stay in Athens: Best areas and hotels

Athens isn't an excessively expensive city, unlike other European capitals.

Choosing a good area to stay in Athens is important to be able to take advantage of your time and enjoy the city. Keep in mind that there is a lot to see in Athens and this must be taken into account to organize your days in the city well.

In this post we tell you about the best areas to stay in Athens and some accommodation options.

Where to stay in Athens: Best areas and hotels


1. The best hotels with views of the Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is the monument par excellence of Athens and an attraction for all those hotels that have views of it. And being able to sleep admiring it from your hotel is an incredible experience.

Our accommodation option was The Athens Gate Hotel 4* and the views of the Acropolis are incredible.

Other hotels with good views towards the Acropolis are:

Where to stay in Athens: Best areas and hotels

2. Syntagma Square and surroundings, the best option to stay in Athens

Syntagma Square is the most important square in the city. Right in front of the Royal Palace, today the seat of the Greek parliament, where the changing of the guard takes place every hour. Not to be missed!

Around the square you will find many shops, restaurants, bars... perfect for when the day is over and you want to have something to eat. In addition, from this square you can walk to many of the most important tourist places to visit in Athens.

It is a very safe area, although also very touristy, and therefore it is difficult to find prices that are below 100 euros per night, although they are pretty close and are good options.

Some great accommodation options in and around Syntagma Square:

If you find an accommodation option in this area that suits your budget, don't hesitate, it is the best option.

3. The Plaka neighborhood

The Plaka neighborhood is very special. In addition, it has a large number of interesting places to visit.

The colorful and lively streets are one of the best things about the neighborhood. There are quite a few accommodation options in Plaka, although being a very popular neighborhood it is always the first area to sell out. If you are sure that you want this area, do not hesitate to look for an accommodation option and book it in advance.

Some great options to stay in Plaka:

Where to stay in Athens: Best areas and hotels

4. Monastiraki, a good location quite central

It is a very central and well-connected neighborhood. You can walk everywhere. In addition, it is a very quiet area. And walking through its streets aimlessly is wonderful. You can also get there directly from the airport with metro line 3.

Some great options in Monastiraki to stay are:

5. Koukaki, a safe and affordable area to stay in Athens

Although we have already talked about how Athens is not an excessively expensive city, it is still a very touristy capital and therefore it is difficult to find options under 100 euros.

In the Koukaki neighborhood you can find very good accommodation options that are cheaper than in the rest of the areas. The Acropolis Museum is located here.

The heart of the neighborhood is the Drakou pedestrian street. There are many restaurants and bars, and a pleasant and lively atmosphere when night falls. In addition, it is an area relatively close to everything.

Some great accommodation options in Koukaki:

Where to stay in Athens: Best areas and hotels



I hope you enjoy your trip to Athens and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue readingmany more related articles on the blog.

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