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Where to stay in Agra: Best areas and hotels

Agra is a pretty big, chaotic, adorable city with many interesting places to visit. There are four main and recommended areas where to stay in Agra and some that are best avoided. In this post you will find a small guide with the best areas to stay in Agra and some great accommodation options.

Where to stay in Agra: Best areas and hotels

To look for accommodation in India I recommend that you look at the reviews a lot. Although today we cannot trust the reviews 100%, they can guide us a little to choose a better hotel. India is not a destination where we can easily stay in a two-star hotel or less, since they are not usually very good. The advantage is that the country is quite economical and staying in 4 and 5 star hotels does not represent a large increase in the travel budget.


Fatehabad Street, one of the best areas to stay in Agra

Fatehabad Street is one of the main streets in the center of Agra and a great option to stay. In it you will find a wide variety of hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants... there are economical, mid-priced and more expensive hotels. It is one of the most beautiful, safe and pleasant cities to stay in Agra.

Some great accommodation options on Fatehabad Road are:

Taj Ganj, a good economic alternative to stay in Agra

If you are looking for an affordable and safe area, Taj Ganj is your option. It is considered the favorite option for backpackers and there is a wide variety of hostels and budget hotels. You can find 3-star hotels for 20 euros per night in a double room with breakfast included.

Some great options for where to stay in Taj Ganj are:

Taj East Gate Road, the most luxurious option to stay in Agra

This area is one of the best in the city, with several luxury accommodations, several restaurants, shops... in addition, it is a fairly quiet area considering the chaos that always exists in Agra. In addition, you also have mid-cost hotels that are great.

Some accommodation options in Taj East Gate Road:

Staying in Agra old city

The old area of ​​Agra is one of the most authentic, although quite chaotic. In it, you will find hotels of different categories and prices. In this area there are some of the most essential places to see in Agra such as the Jama Masjid Mosque and the Red Fort of Agra, among several bazaars... it is a fairly cheap area, you can find accommodation for less than 15 euros per night in a double room .

Some great accommodation options where to stay in old center Agra:

Where to stay in Agra: Best areas and hotels



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