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Where to stay in Abu Dhabi: Best areas and hotels

Abu Dhabi is not a very expensive city, so you can find good prices in 4 and 5 star hotels. In addition, you have many options depending on your budget and preferences. Abu Dhabi is the center of political and economic activity. And despite being the capital, it is usually the second option chosen by travelers who want to get to know the country, behind Dubai.

If you are thinking of getting to know the United Arab Emirates, you cannot miss Abu Dhabi. In this post I explain the best areas to stay in Abu Dhabi and some great accommodation options.

Hoteles en Abu Dhabi

WHERE TO STAY IN ABU DHABI: Best areas and hotels

City center, the cheapest option where to stay in Abu Dhabi

Downtown Abu Dhabi offers a wide variety of accommodation and you will find some great deals. It is generally the cheapest area. Despite being the center of the city, the places of interest are not very close. You will have to move around the city by rental car, taxis... Not only because of the differences themselves, but also because of the heat.

I recommend you rent a car. It is a very comfortable option. You can find car rental offers in Abu Dhabi from this link.

You can find 4-star hotels for 50 euros/night in room. double.

Some great accommodation options in central Abu Dhabi:

Hoteles en Abu Dhabi

Staying in Al Khubeirah and Al Marina, luxury and exclusivity

If you are looking for luxury, in Abu Dhabi you will find it almost anywhere. But especially, Al Khubeirah and Al Marina boast some of the most exclusive hotels and apartments in Abu Dhabi. You may have heard of the Emirates Palace hotel, an impressive hotel that is very popular with tourists who come to see it. You will find this hotel right in this area.

Also, if you want to add a beach to your trip, this is one of the best areas. All hotels have direct access or a short walk to the Corniche Beach.

You will find prices from 100 and a few euros per night and up.

Some great accommodations where to stay in Al Khubeirah:

Hoteles en Abu Dhabi

Yas Island, the best area to stay in Abu Dhabi

Yas is an artificial island built by the Aldar Properties group with a budget of 40 billion euros. Amazing! It is known worldwide for the Yas Marina circuit (where F1 and Moto GP races are held) In addition, the island is home to some of the most fun places in Abu Dhabi such as Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld.

Despite not being as luxurious an area as Al Marina, on Yas Island you will find many luxurious accommodations and you can find interesting prices. If you do not travel in high season or just on the dates of the F1 races, moto GP etc... you can find great 3-star hotels for about 50 euros a night in rooms. Double, 4-star hotels between 60 and 90 euros per night in room. Double.

Some great accommodation options on Yas Island:

Hoteles en Abu Dhabi



I hope you enjoy your trip to Abu Dhabi very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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