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What to see on the island of Gotland, Sweden

The island of Gotland is a quiet and perfect place to disconnect in Sweden. If you are thinking of doing a route through Sweden, do not forget to add Gotland. In this post I tell you about the most beautiful places to see on the island of Gotland and I add some travel recommendations.

The island of Gotland is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea and to the east of the Scandinavian peninsula. Despite being an island, it is quite large, with an area of ​​3,140 km2 and 800 km of coastline. To give you an idea, from Farö, at one end, to Sundre, at the other, you have 3 hours by car.

If you want to visit it completely, enjoying each place calmly, it is advisable to dedicate 5 days to it. Although if you do not have that much time, spend at least 2 days on the island to be able to visit the walled city of Visby in 1 day and the other day to see some of the most beautiful places on the island of Gotland.


Getting to Gotland by Ferry

Being an island, Gotland can be reached by plane or ferry. Ferries leaving Sweden take an average of 3 hours to reach the island. From this official website you can book your ferry. The costs including car (round trip) for 2 people are around 300 euros.

Getting to Gotland by plane, the best option

I recommend you to get to the island to get to Gotland by air and rent a car at Visby airport. Visby airport is the 12th busiest in Sweden, with 251 domestic flights and 704 international flights leaving from there every week. You have a wide variety of schedules to choose from and flights from any airport in Sweden are usually around 100 euros per person (roundtrip). I recommend you buy the flight in advance. From this website you have the best deals on local flights in Sweden.

How to get around Gotland

Once you arrive at Visby airport you have public transport alternatives to get to the city center. Although if your intention is to get to know the island, the most comfortable thing is to rent a car. A car rental starts at 50 euros per day. You can find the best car rental deals in Gotland from this page.


1. Visit Visby, the most beautiful walled city in Sweden

The main reason to travel to Gotland is to visit the walled city of Visby. It is a medieval wonder that is preserved over time. The city is beautiful, starting with the walls that still stand, the little houses, the parks and viewpoints, the cathedral...

The city of Visby can be visited in one day, although I recommend spending the night there. It is a beautiful and illuminated city, the magic is in every street.

2. Go to Stora Karlso

Stora Karlsö is a small island located 6km from Gotland. It is an island with a lot of fauna, especially birds. For this reason, it receives thousands of visits every year, mostly from people who are fond of ornithology. 1 boat departs daily from Klintehamn (departure at 9:30 a.m., return at 3:00 p.m.). In summer, two boats leave (departure at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., return at 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.). The journey takes 30 minutes.

3. Discover the west coast of Gotland

Start your west coast tour from the small village of Djupvik. From here begins a coastal section towards the south of the island, until reaching Kronvald.

Throughout this journey you will go through the Ekstakusten nature reserve. A natural coastline with beautiful landscapes. Do not miss the beach of Tofta and its church and the cliffs of Hogklint.

4. The Lummelunda cave

Lummelunda Cave is located 15km from Visby. It is a cave, you can take a guided tour to explore a part of it full of fossils, underground waters... The guided tours last about 30 minutes and they will explain the history of the cave, which was discovered by 3 children...

5. Bla Lagunen

Bla Laguna (the blue lagoon) is a lake located north of Gotland. The lagoon is located in an old limestone quarry. The natural environment that surrounds it is beautiful and it is possible to bathe in it. If you are traveling to Gotland in summer, you can spend the day enjoying the lagoon, having a picnic and walking around.

6. The Gotland Museum

You have many very interesting museums on the island to visit, including the Gotland Museum. You will be able to see stone paintings, unique Gotland fossils, maps...

7. Bungemusset

If you have time or want to learn more about what life was like on Gotland in the past, don't miss this open-air museum. There are old houses typical of the 17th century, see what the daily life of artisans, farmers, fishermen was like... There are activities such as tournaments, puzzles, log throwing...

8. Faro

In Fårö you will find a beautiful coastal landscape surrounded by very curious rock formations. In addition, there is a small charming fishing town and beach areas where you can enjoy a swim or walk. Despite being at the northern end of the island and it takes a little while to get there, it is well worth it.

9. Gotland Botanical Garden (Botaniska Trädgården)

On the northwest side of Visby, just a few steps from the city walls and the sea, lies the beautiful 150-year-old Botanical Garden (Botaniska Trädgården). The garden is full of rose bushes, apple trees, fig, walnut, mulberry and magnolia. Admission is free.

10. The Högklint Nature Reserve

About 10 kilometers from Visby, the Högklint nature reserve is a perfect place to enjoy the stunning views of Visby, the beautiful blue Baltic Sea and the rocky west coast of the highest sea cliffs of Gotland.

There are several guided hiking routes that you can follow without problems. Each one of them offers the possibility of having different views.



I hope you enjoy your trip to Sweden a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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