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What to see in Trinidad, the most romantic city in Cuba

Trinidad is the most beautiful colonial city in Cuba and seems stuck in time. Many say that it is the most romantic city in Cuba and that it has a destination and special air that makes it a unique city in Cuba. In Trinidad you will find a beach, places of interest to visit, mountains and valleys. A perfect combination to spend two or three days.

Trinidad was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and although in the past few travelers came here to see it, today it is a popular place and in my opinion you should include it in your trip to Cuba!

Qué ver en Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad doesn't have many things to see and do, but as soon as you arrive you realize that what is really worth it in this place is wandering around. Stroll through its streets of colorful houses attached to each other, enjoy the tranquility that reigns in this place and walk around.

The historic center is beautiful with its cobbled streets that lead you to every corner of the city. There are small squares with gardens, colorful churches, beautiful houses and an endless number of craft shops, restaurants, bars and very cool boutique hotels.


Guided by a local guide, you will walk the cobbled streets and get to know every corner of the city. Apart from the most emblematic places that I will tell you about later in case you want to explore the city on your own, with the free tour you discover about the history of Trinidad, anecdotes and the guide always has recommendations for you to continue touring Trinidad and its surroundings. Plus it's free! Of course ... remember that at the end of the tour the guide has worked hard, so that you enjoy and get to know Trinidad, so a tip is not necessary. You are not obliged to pay any fixed price, but it is appreciated.

2. Fall in love with the Mayor beach of Trinidad

The main square is full of life, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the music that is always playing in the square and have something to refresh you (if you like mojitos you can get a mojito in one of its bars). It is ideal for a quiet walk in the afternoon and end up having dinner in one of the restaurants.

The church is beautiful and below I give you a Tip on how to photograph it from a distance.

When night falls in the Trinidad music house, Cuban music and a good atmosphere begin. Sit on the stairs and enjoy the warm atmosphere that reigns in the place.

Qué ver en Trinidad, Cuba

Enjoy the best views of the city

You can have spectacular views of the city if you go up to the roof of the Municipal Historical Museum, it's really worth it!

From above you will have beautiful views, not only of the old town, but of the mountains that surround it. And although the views are very cool, the museum is also worth it. Inside you will be able to enjoy pieces and historical documents of Trinidad to learn about the history since its foundation. The entrance costs 2 CUC.

Qué ver en Trinidad, Cuba

Visit the Museum of Colonial Architecture

Sugar production made Trinidad the perfect place for landowners to build small mansions. The colorful buildings are gorgeous from the outside. But don't miss the opportunity to see an old colonial mansion inside.

The museum of colonial architecture shows the home of the Sánchez Iznaga family, also known as the Blue House.

Do not lose detail and tell yourself in the doors, the furniture, the small decorative objects and in the bathrooms. They are from the 19th century! The entrance costs 1 CUC, equivalent to 1 American dollar.

Take a trip to the Valle de los Ingenios

The Valle de los Ingenios is a World Heritage Site and is a beautiful place with intense green landscapes.

You cannot miss visiting the Manaca-Iznaga hacienda, this colonial-style hacienda is beautiful and is surrounded by nature. From here they do some activities such as horseback riding or hiking. The hacienda has a tower that you can climb up and marvel at the views of the valley. Nearby are the ruins of San Isidro de los Destiladeros.

There are several tours that do this route and you can hire them in the same town of Trinidad. You can also hire a taxi that runs the entire route or with your own rental car.

Don't miss Ancon beach, an authentic paradise

If you want to take advantage and enjoy the beach you can do it on the beach of Ancón. In Trinidad there are hardly any hotels, there are few options and we prefer to stay on the beach, just 6 or 7 kilometers from the center of Trinidad.

The beach is beautiful and it is appreciated to be able to disconnect listening to the waves of the sea.

How to go from Trinidad to Playa Ancon?

The most comfortable and fastest way to get to Playa Ancón from Trinidad is by taxi. Unless you have your own rental car.

If you want to save, the bus is the best option to go from Trinidad to Playa Ancón. Although you should keep in mind that it is not a tourist transport, but a local one. The price is 5 CUC per person (round trip).

Qué ver en Trinidad, Cuba

Enjoy nature in its purest form in the Topes de Collantes National Park

This natural paradise is located about 20 kilometers from Trinidad. If you like outdoor activities, it is an essential stop. Here you will find a natural area with several rivers, caves and waterfalls that will allow you to disconnect and breathe fresh air.

The Salto del Caburní is the main attraction of the park. It is accessible via a hiking route (5 km round trip) that passes through tea plantations, natural ponds and other beautiful sites. The waterfall measures 62 meters and is one of the most spectacular in the country.

Qué ver en Trinidad, Cuba

Find the El Nicho Waterfall

If your next destination is Cienfuegos, halfway there is the El Nicho Waterfall. The water comes from the Hanabanilla River, which creates this beautiful waterfall as it passes through the natural park. In the park are the Tocororo, the most popular birds in Cuba.

To get to the waterfall you will have to walk about 4 kilometers (round trip). A path of lush vegetation. Once you reach the waterfall, you can continue a little further until you reach a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the valley.

It is one of the most beautiful natural places in Cuba.


By rental car, the best option to go from Havana to Trinidad

You can do it in different ways, until recently it was not very common to rent a car to tour Cuba, but it is becoming more and more fashionable and there are more options. It was what we did, since we left Havana until we reached Santiago de Cuba we made an itinerary with a rental car.

By taxi

You can go by Taxi, the approximate cost that they gave us when we were researching was between 120 and 200 USD, the 6-hour journey in an air-conditioned taxi. If your intention is to make the trip by taxi, ask for prices in several places (the hotel where you stay in Havana can help you) but be careful! Everyone has a cousin, a neighbor who can take you... make sure he is a real taxi driver and that the taxi has air conditioning, otherwise you can die of heat on the way... no joke! I will tell you much more about how to get around Cuba in another post so that you can see how to plan your itinerary through the country.

By bus

The bus is a very profitable option, especially if you travel alone, or as a couple. The only company that offers trips to tourists (at least for now) is VIAZUL. The price from Havana to Trinidad is USD 25 per person, keep in mind that to get to the Havana bus station you must take a taxi and the same from the Trinidad station to the center.


We stayed in Trinidad for two nights. We were coming from the neighboring city of Cienfuegos, so we did not plan our schedules much. But if you are going to arrive by bus or taxi from Havana, keep in mind that the journey is long.

We chose to stay in Playa de Ancón, in order to take advantage of the mornings and tour Trinidad and in the afternoons enjoy the sea. And we were great at the 3-star hotel, Hotel Club Amigo Ancón.

I hope you enjoy your time in Trinidad, you can continue reading articles about Cuba on the blog to finish preparing your own itinerary.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Cuba a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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