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6 Best places to see in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is one of the cities that I recommend that you include in your trip if you intend to take a tour of Cuba. Santa Clara has played an important role in the Cuban revolution and Che Guevara. It is possible to visit the city in just one day, although I recommend that you stay one night there, the city is beautiful and at night it will illuminate you completely.

In this post I talk to you about the essential places to see in Santa Clara and recommendations for where to stay.

Best places to see in Santa Clara, Cuba


1. The statue of Ché with the child

The Ché Guevara statue is one of the most iconic places to see in Santa Clara. In it, Ché Guevara is represented with a child in his arms. It is the work of Castro Marroyo, a Spanish artist who used his son as a model. The statue is located in front of the central office of the communist party.

2. Monument to the assault on the Armored train

The Battle of Santa Clara put an end to the government of General Fulgencia Batista. And the monument to the train assault pays tribute to this historical moment. In one of the carriages they have opened a museum where there are maps, photographs, objects and the details of the entire history told on panels. In addition, there are also some bottles used as Molotov cocktails.

Best places to see in Santa Clara, Cuba

3. The Memorial, an essential thing to see in Santa Clara, Cuba

The Memorial is one of the essential places to see in Santa Clara. In it, there is a 7-meter-high statue of Che Guevara located in the Plaza de la Revolución. It is a bronze statue that symbolizes Che Guevara in the guerrilla uniform, with a beret and armed. The phrase “Until Victory Always” is written on the stone monolith.

Best places to see in Santa Clara, Cuba

4. The Theater of Charity

It is one of the best preserved buildings in the city, considered a national monument of Cuba. It was built in 1885 and since then it has been receiving numerous restorations.

5. Cathedral of Santa Clara de Asis

The Cathedral of Santa Clara was built in 1940 in a neoclassical style. Its stained glass windows are what attracts the most attention, they are beautiful. And its two towers have French influence.

6. Leoncio Vidal Square

Plaza Leoncio Vidal is one of the most atmospheric places in Santa Clara. It is the meeting point for locals and it is impossible to sit in the square and not end up talking to someone. In addition, it is also a historical place in the city. In it you can see bullets inserted in some of the buildings that surround it. You can also come see the sculpture of Marta Abreu, a philanthropist born in Santa Clara.

Best places to see in Santa Clara, Cuba


We couldn't find hotels in the historic center, we booked a little late and we had to stay about 8 kilometers from the center. By taxi it takes a few minutes, but if you want to make sure you have accommodation in the center, book early! Even so, we were in the city of Santa Clara and with beautiful views of the city from the room.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Cuba a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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