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What to see and do in Coron Island

Coron is one of the destinations that has become most popular in recent years thanks to social networks. Without a doubt, it is a paradise and visiting it is almost a must on any trip to the Philippines.

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Here, you can bathe in intense turquoise blue lagoons, enjoy its virgin beaches...

To get to it you must do island hopping and be based in Coron Town, a small town located on the neighboring island of Busuanga, where the closest airport in the area is also located.

In this post you have a guide to the places to visit on Coron Island and the activities you can do. I also add tips for island hopping in the Philippines.

Qué ver y hacer en Corón Island

First of all, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Philippines.

How many days are needed to visit Coron Island?

Minimum 2 full days, although if you are not planning to visit El Nido you can extend your stay in Coron a little longer. There are several tours for island hopping, kayaking or other activities that I am talking about in this post.

Visit El Nido, Coron or both?

Depending on the time you have to visit the Philippines, I recommend that you decide on one island or another. Although if you have the opportunity, it would be great if you share the time to get to know both islands a bit. For example, at a minimum; 2 days in Puerto Princesa, 2-3 days in El Nido and 2 days in Coron.

You must bear in mind that both destinations are very similar, the landscapes are the same, in both destinations you can do the same activities, there are beautiful lagoons... For this reason, many travelers are sometimes disappointed after having invested several days in both destinations. Throughout the post I talk about what to do in each place and the following posts can help you organize yourself better.

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Qué ver y hacer en Corón Island


Hopping Island in Coron

The best way to get to know Coron is to do island hopping. The main place of interest is Coron Island, where the most incredible and visited places are located, such as its beautiful beaches, lakes and lagoons, caves and reef areas perfect for snorkeling or diving.

There are several tours with different routes. They range between 15 and 35 euros approx. They usually last all day and have several stops in different areas of the islands. Some stop in Malcapuya, in Bulog Dos, Banana Island, the twin lagoons, Kayangan Lake, the coral islands...

All the tours are very charming and the places you will visit are incredible.

Tours to do in Coron Island

Qué ver y hacer en Corón Island

Visit the towns and the coast of Coron

It is very common for travelers to arrive in Coron and only do island hopping to enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes and lagoons. But Coron has a lot of charm and part of it resides in its towns. To get to know the area, I recommend booking an organized tour that includes a visit and stops at Lualhati Park, the town hall, the Cemetery Sanctuary, the top of Mount Tapyas, the hot water pools of Maquinit and the small coastal towns.

Diving in Coron Island

Around Coron Island there are 24 ships that were sunk on September 24, 1944 in a battle during World War II. 12 of these ships have been discovered and it is possible to dive to explore them. The experience is incredible.

These boats are at a depth between 12 and 43 meters, so an advanced level of diving is required. Most of them are in good condition and you can access the interior, being able to see the rudder, some rooms, the engine room... all of them have become home to great marine fauna.

Several companies leave daily from Coron to make the descent to these boats. They have several tours and outings and for each of them you can see two or three sunken ships.

Enjoy a hot bath at Maquinit Hot Springs

The Maquinit Hotel Sprinigs are pools of hot salt water that emerge from an inactive volcano at about 40ºC. Even though the Philippines is a hot country and you may not feel like bathing in such hot water, it is a fun and recommended activity to do on Coron Island. The entrance fee is 250 pesos.

Seven Sins, an essential place to see in Coron Island

Seven Sins is usually one of the stops included in the tours and is one of the most essential places to see in Coron Island. It is the perfect place for snorkeling, kayaking and enjoying the small coves.

It is a set of 7 islets, 7 sisters who were 7 sins.

Qué ver y hacer en Corón Island


If you want to stay a few days here, you should stay in Coron Town. And from there you will have to take some hopping island to enjoy the lagoons and beaches of Coron island.

Some great accommodation options on Coron Island


I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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