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Travel to Morocco, the best route

Do you want to visit Morocco on your own? Touring Morocco in 15 days is possible and it is a trip that you will love!

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for an option to tour Morocco. Perhaps it is your first time in the country, or perhaps you have already visited one of its cities and when you like it you want to repeat doing a road trip through the country.

Based on our experience in the country, I recommend the best option to tour Morocco. The complete itinerary includes nights in the desert, a tour of the main cities, a visit to a very peculiar blue town, trekking, Roman ruins and much more.

The itinerary that I propose is 15 days and 14 nights. If you have fewer nights, I suggest you read this itinerary and delete some of the cities or activities that we detail. Do you need help? Don't know what to delete? Contact me and I'll help you.

However, the itinerary is very complete, and it is an excellent opportunity to get to know this fantastic country.

Viajar a Marruecos


DAY 1 AND DAY 2 - We arrive in Marrakech

On the route, the ideal is to find a flight from your city of origin to reach Marrekech and the return is from Tangier to your city of origin. In this way, the tour of the country will always be suppressing as much as possible the hours of transfers and avoiding having to go back at some point.

Can you book a flight first thing in the morning? Grab it!! and earn hours to tour Marrakech. Once we arrive before noon in the city of Marrakech, we go to the hotel to drop off our bags, even if it is not the check-in time, it is advisable to leave the luggage (even if it is a backpack) at the hotel and start free of weight. to tour the city.

It is important to organize well, and leave for the day of arrival the views that can be made for free, walking its streets. Since some museums, mosques... that you have to pay entrance usually close early to mid-afternoon. If you want to do some tours (free tour), they are usually in the morning, so leave it for the next day. But don't worry, we will have the day of arrival, plus all the following day to enjoy this beautiful city.

Viajar a Marruecos

DAY 3, 4 and 5 - Excursion and camping in the desert of Merzouga.

From Marrakesh to Fes

If you are not very adventurous, perhaps this 3-day/2-night excursion will not appeal to you too much. But I'll tell you right away that I had some reluctance, I've traveled everywhere, it gave me a little I don't know what (a little scared) and it was the most incredible experience I've had in Morocco.

I totally recommend it. And I talk to you much more about this excursion at:

On the 5th we arrived in Fez in the middle of the afternoon. About 18 hours. Direct to the accommodation hotel in Fez.

Viajar a Marruecos


On the sixth day we got up early ready to tour Fez in one day. If it's posible!! but you have to hit it. I tell you about everything that can be done in the city of Fez in the post of:

We also spent the sixth night in this city, since the next day we are going to explore the surroundings of Fez.


We get up early to take a guided excursion to Volubilis. I will tell you more about the ruins and the 3 towns that we visited throughout the day in the post of:

Back in Fez at night, we take the opportunity to walk around the city and have a delicious couscous for dinner.

Viajar a Marruecos


On the eighth day we got up early to pick up the rental car at 8 o'clock. From here our tour will be by rental car until we finish our days in Morocco, where we will return the rental car at the Tangier airport.

It is possible to reserve a rental car and have it delivered to you at the hotel reception. Or in the office in the city center.

From Fez to Casablanca there are about 3 hours on the way, so we wanted to get up early so that when we arrived around 11-12 noon, we would have time to explore the city of Casablanca in the remainder of the day. We won't have much time to tour this city, but we don't need more. In this city we will spend the eighth night.

Viajar a Marruecos


Rabat is located just 1 hour from Casablanca. So for the first time on the tour we allowed ourselves the whim of not setting the alarm clock. Even so, our body was already accustomed to the march and at 9:00 a.m. we already had breakfast. So we set off to reach the city of Rabat.

Once in Rabat we went to the hotel to leave our bags, as there was availability in the Riad that we had reserved (amazing) they let us check into the room. We left the odds and ends and set out to explore Rabat. At the end of the day we spend the night in Rabat.


Early in the morning we set out to cover the distance between Rabat and Tangier. It's more or less 3 hours on the way and once we got to Tangier we wasted no time getting to know this beautiful city. We spent the tenth night in Tangier.


If there was a place in Morocco that I was especially excited to visit, it was this town. Chefchaouen has become fashionable and is the town in Morocco that appears the most on travelers' instagrams. Its blue streets, the craft markets in its streets and the natural environment that surrounds it make it a magical and special place.

On the morning of the 11th we set off early from Tangier. The journey takes about 3.30h and the road is not pleasant. Lots of curves.

Once we arrived we began to explore this special place. I tell you more about this place in the post of:

Viajar a Marruecos

We spent the tenth night in a small Riad. You will not be able to access the center of town by car, you will have to park a little on the outskirts. If your Riad/accommodation is in the center, it is not recommended to go loaded with suitcases. You can die dragging luggage, seriously. I recommend using a travel backpack, to tour the country.


This two-day trekking experience is highly recommended if you have two extra days. After all, it is adding days to your trip to walk through a natural park. And although it is a very good experience, there are also jeep tours that follow the same route, to get to know the natural park and the Akchour waterfalls. I tell you about the two options in the post:

The night of the 21st will be spent in circuit, in a hostel. The next day around 6:00 p.m. you will return by car to Chefchaouen where you will sleep the night of the 13th.


After the last two days walking, the last thing we wanted was to get up early, so we woke up late, took the opportunity to have breakfast and walk around Chefchaouen and at mid-morning we headed for Tangier.

DAY 15 - TANGIER AND return flight

In the morning of the last day we took the opportunity to explore what we needed to see in Tangier. Our flight was at 4:00 p.m., so we only had the morning to explore a bit. If you have the possibility of taking the flight at night or you have more days of travel, Tetouan is a good option to add to your last day of itinerary. We missed visiting her and I was left with the aganas.

At Tangier airport we returned the rental car so we didn't have to rely on taxis.

Viajar a Marruecos


I hope you enjoy your trip to Morocco a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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