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10 Essential things to see and do in Tangier

Perhaps Tangier is not one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Despite having a beautiful Medina and corners that are worth knowing, it is not one of the cities that stands out the most. Tangier is a simpler city, where you can walk calmly, living the experience, without rushing... Even so, if you are thinking of doing a route through Morocco, I recommend that you include it in your trip. You will only need one day to discover the most beautiful places in the city.

In this post you will find 10 essential things to see and do in Tangier, where to stay and some travel tips.



1. Take a free tour in Tangier

I recommend you book a free tour offered by the city of Tangier. A good opportunity to get to know the city with a guide.

2. Tour the Spanish Quarter

In this neighborhood there are institutions such as the Cervantes Institute, Spanish schools, such as Ramón y Cajal, and the Spanish Consulate in one of the largest and most luxurious venues in the city.

As you go along this avenue, you will reach the British and North American areas, where you will find numerous villas. It is a good area to start exploring the city.

3. The streets of the Kasba in Tangier are perfect for getting lost

The Kasba of Tangier is an old walled enclosure on top of one of the city's hills. On your walk through the Kasba, from a hole in the wall you have a good viewpoint of the old port of Tangier, where you can see sections of the old Portuguese fortification.

4. Visit the Tangier Kasba Museum

In the Kasba of Tangier, it is worth entering the Kasba museum, the former palace of a sultan, and also the residence of the Portuguese and British governors.

In addition to seeing the building, this museum displays various objects from the history of Tangier and Morocco.

Among them are a large floor mosaic from the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, and a large and very curious wall map of the ancient Arab occupation of the world.

5. You cannot miss the medina of Tangier

Leaving through one of the doors of the kasbah, you will be able to descend through the narrow alleys of the medina.

That way you will arrive at the busiest and most commercial area of ​​the same, whose central point is the Plaza del Pequeno Socco and its surroundings.

In the medina you will also see the old Italian quarter, with buildings and corners that in a certain way can remind you of Naples.


6. Enjoy a morning on the beach and promenade in Tangier

Tangier's beach is five kilometers long.

A large promenade with leisure areas has recently been inaugurated, while skyscrapers have been built with large and modern hotels of the best-known hotel chains in the world.

Without a doubt, Tangier is already beginning to show the image of a very modern city, in contrast to corners more linked to its past boom as an international city, such as its historic hotels.

7. Stop at Cafe Hafa

Café Hafa, has tables on terraces on various levels and with a great viewpoint towards Spain make the cafe an authentic place (but very very crowded...) come and enjoy a mint tea.

8. The square of April 9

From the square of April 9 is the main entrance to the medina.

Very close you have the curious Anglican church of St Andrews, where a building of Muslim architecture is combined with Christian iconography and even some element of the Hebrew religion. It's very pretty.

All of Tangier has a similar air but at the same time different from the other cities in Morocco, it is not my favorite, but without a doubt if you are going to travel to the country for the first time and you are thinking of taking a tour, it would be interesting if you added Tangier to your circuit.


9. Visit the Great Mosque of Tangier

The Grande Mosquée Of Tangier stands on what was the site of a Roman temple during the 5th century. After the Portuguese conquest, the mosque became a cathedral and during the 8th century its central location seemed suitable as a place of Muslim prayer. and it was converted into a mosque. Since then it has been converted back into a church and then back into a mosque. The series of conversions it has undergone during its time make it a fascinating example of Morocco's rich and varied history, as well as an architectural landmark in Tangier.

10. Visit Cap Spartel and the Caves of Hercules

One of the most beautiful places to see in Tangier is located on the outskirts of the city. These are the beautiful Cap Spartel and the Hercules caves. Cap Spartel is located at the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar, at about 1000 feet/300 meters above sea level.

The Caves of Hercules are located under the cape and have a history full of intrigue and legend. In the past, the caves were mines, which caused them to spread further than usual.

There are indications that the caves were occupied in Neolithic times and, according to mythology, the Roman god Hercules once slept here.



I hope you enjoy your trip to Morocco a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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