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10 Cool Things to Do for Free in New York

New York is not a cheap city and sometimes we put off traveling to New York because we think that the budget would be too annoying or that we won't be able to do anything for free. And how much do we like doing things for free? :)

In this post I tell you about some great activities that you can do in New York for Free.

que hacer Gratis en Nueva York


1. A trip on the Staten Island Ferry

One of the favorite and best-known attractions for tourists who visit New York is being able to see the views of the Manhattan skyline and get up close to see the Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island Ferry, which connects the southern tip of Manhattan with State Island, offers the possibility to see these two places is totally FREE.

As soon as Staten Island is full, you can get off and get to know the area a bit or wait for the return ferry that leaves a few minutes away. I recommend that you take advantage of the day to get to know Staten Island.

You can read everything to see in this district of New York in the post:

2. Take a trip on the Roosevelt Island Tramway

This cable car runs for 80 meters parallel to the "59th Street Bridge" and crosses the East River to connect the island of Manhattan with Roosevelt Island. During this trip you will have a great view of the area from the air, the bridge and the river. Actually this attraction is not 100% free, but it costs the same as a trip on the metro and you pay with the metrocard.

It is an activity that you must do yes or yes.

que hacer Gratis en Nueva York

3. Visit the 9/11 Memorial

As I told you in the post about 50 things to do in New York, I hope at this moment I wasn't recommending you go to this place, but unfortunately we can't go back and this beautiful place commemorates all those deaths. Where once stood the twin towers of the World Trade Center now stands the 9/11 memorial. The new One World Trade Center complex and the tribute to the victims make a beautiful ensemble with reverse waterfalls and all the names of the victims. Although you have to pay to access the 9/11 Museum or go up to the OWTC viewpoint, walking around the site is free.

Do you want to know how to access the museum for free? I tell you in the post:

que hacer Gratis en Nueva York

4. Visit the New York Public Library

I don't know if I'm too much of a book geek or not, but whenever I comment on my travels that I've gone to visit a library, they usually ask me why? Seriously? Well yes, there are many impressive libraries all over the world and the New York Public Library is one of them and a mandatory stop in the city. It is an old building located in the center of Manhattan and you will find it on 42nd Street at the corner with 5th Avenue next to Bryant Park. In a city as chaotic as New York, entering a place as calm and quiet as this is undoubtedly a great therapy for stress. Access is free and not only is it, but also Wi-Fi. Do you have the memory of the mobile full of photos? The perfect opportunity to disconnect from the noise of the city, take advantage of the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer and also use the Wi-Fi.

The library is beautiful and you can walk through its corridors and rooms. Less some restricted areas.

5. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful and famous walkways in the world and there is no one who, when they see it, does not immediately recognize the silhouette of Manhattan in the background. You will have seen this bridge in countless photos on the internet or instagram, so take the opportunity not only to see the bridge and walk on it, but also to enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan.

que hacer Gratis en Nueva York

6. Central Park

Central Park, with its more than 340 hectares, is the favorite meeting point for New Yorkers and travelers. The park is an active part of the city, especially for the residents of Manhattan, and it is not surprising to see people running at 5 in the morning, studying on the grass or taking a nap.

In a mandatory stop on your trip to New York, and although there are many activities you can do in the park (paying), walking and enjoying it is free.

You can see what to do in Central Park, as well as some curious facts in the post:

7. Free museums in New York, including MoMa

Well yes, you read that correctly, in New York you can access many museums for free, or by paying the will at the entrance. Some of them have this system every day. But on the other hand, there are others like the MoMa that only have this free access system for a few hours.

To see more information about all the free museums, which days you should visit them and at what times to get this advantage, in the post of:

8. Visit Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is the largest train station in the world and one of the most spectacular buildings in the city.

You can access it for free. Although if you want to make a trip, you will have to pay :)

9. Tour the High Line Park in the Meatpacking District

This park that runs along the old tracks of the New York elevated railway, goes from Gansevoort street to the height of 34th street between 10th and 11th avenues.

10. Summer Film Festival at Bryant Park

In the summer months, every Monday you can enjoy an outdoor cinema in Bryant Park in front of the Public Library. And completely free of charge. I highly recommend it, you will live an incredible experience.

que hacer Gratis en Nueva York



I hope you enjoy your trip to New York a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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