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The New York Pass; save up to 60% on your trip to New York

The New York Pass is the tourist pass you need if you want to do and see a lot during your stay in New York and go home feeling like you've made the most of your time. It is definitely your card if you are one of those who cane it, if that is not the case and you like to chill more, read the post about the New York City Explorer Pass because it may be more convenient for you.

In this post I talk about the New York Pass tourist card, its prices, details and some tips to help you decide on the option that best suits your itinerary.

The New York Pass


Where to buy the New York Pass

Before buying your New York Pass card, keep the following in mind:

  • You decide the duration of your NYC Pass, you can buy the pass for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days, just keep in mind that the more days you use it, the more the cost of the card will increase .

  • The days must be consecutive, that is, if you buy the 5-day New York Pass, the 5 days of use must be consecutive.

  • With your New York Pass card you will skip the queues at the ticket offices and in some attractions, you will even skip the queues via fast track.

  • I suggest you buy it directly from here. The purchase is immediate and you will receive all the information on your mobile. You can pick up your New York Pass card directly at their New York offices or download the mobile version of your pass instantly with the NYC Pass app.

  • Some organized tours and excursions require prior reservation, but don't worry because you will find all the information in the mobile app or in the pocket guide that you will receive and you will be able to consult it there.

  • If you have purchased a 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 day pass, you should know that your New York Pass is activated when you visit your first point of interest.

  • You can visit all the attractions you want every day and in the order you want, yes, you cannot repeat any.

What's included with the New York Pass

The New York Pass card has more than 100 attractions, impossible to get bored.

Among the attractions you will find the most important and popular in New York.

The 10 most popular attractions included in the New York Pass are:

Empire State Lookout

Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

Top of the Rock

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Ferry to Ellis Island

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

madame tussauds

Boat ride around Manhattan

Madison Square Garden

Guggenheim museum

This card is not cheap at all, so if you want to visit a lot of things and you organize your time well, I recommend taking as few days as possible. Of course, you have to plan it well, because if you buy 2 days and then want to add more days you will have to buy a new one. (the price per day is reduced as you buy more consecutive days.