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The best viewpoints in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge city with many places to visit. One of the best things to do is enjoy its viewpoints and see the iconic Hollywood sign.

In this post I tell you about the best viewpoints in Los Angeles so you can enjoy an impressive view of the city. At the end of the article I add a map with all the viewpoints marked.

The best way to get to know these viewpoints and several of the emblematic places of the city is by renting a car.


Lake Hollywood Park

This viewpoint is the best option to have a good view of the Hollywood sign. Lake Hollywood Park has an esplanade with a panoramic

From where you can photograph the sign from a good perspective. And although it can be seen from anywhere in the city, this is undoubtedly the best option.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is the most popular lookout point in Los Angeles. The observatory has exhibits on science and the cosmos, and offers a great view of the city. You can see on one side the skyscrapers of downtown and the great avenues and on the other side the hills and the greenest area of ​​Hollywood with the famous sign.

The most popular time is in the afternoon and at dusk, as the views with the city illuminated are impressive. Although it is crazy to enjoy the place with so many people, so if you do not care to enjoy the views at night or during the day, I recommend you visit the observatory first thing in the morning.

OUE Skyspace

One of the skyscrapers that stands out in the Downtown of the city is the US Bank Tower. It is 310 meters high, and at the top you will find an outdoor viewpoint, being the highest in all of California.

The most fun and cool thing about this viewpoint is its transparent glass slide where you can slide from the 70th to the 69th floor.

I recommend that you buy your ticket online to save time and money.

City Hall Observation Deck

In the center of the city you will find the town hall. It can be accessed for free and access up to the 27th floor from where you will have panoramic views of the Downtown buildings. Although it is not as impressive a view as in other viewpoints, it is free so if you have time, do not miss it.

Santa Mónica Pier

The famous Santa Monica Pier offers fantastic views of the sea and the pier. Kilometers of sand, the waves of the sea, the good atmosphere... it is the best place to enjoy the sunset.

Also, at the Santa Monica Pier you have food stalls, attractions... a great atmosphere to dine and enjoy the place.

Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Hollywood Bowl is a huge outdoor amphitheater that seats more than 17,000 people. It is located in the Los Angeles Hills, so the views from here are spectacular. Just above the amphitheater you will find the viewpoint. It is quite popular and the parking lot is not very big. If you want to see the sunset go early.

And so far it fills my list of the Best Lookouts in Los Angeles. Although there are some more like; the Getty Center and Vista Hermosa Park.


The city of Los Angeles is huge. There are so many great areas to stay, some more central, some quieter… and there are also areas that are much better to avoid.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Los Angeles very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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