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The best excursions to do from Paris

Paris is a beautiful city with lots of places to visit and lots of activities. In itself, getting to know the city and Paris leads to many trips. Visiting nearby places such as the Palace of Versailles, Disneyland, the Loire Castles... are perfect excursions to complete your trip to Paris with different activities and places.

In this post I talk about the best excursions to do from Paris. You can do all of them for free, renting a car or with very complete organized excursions that leave Paris daily.

mejores excursiones que hacer desde París


Visit the Palace of Versailles, an essential excursion to see in Paris

If you are going to be in Paris for several days, one of the best excursions to do is to visit the Palace of Versailles. The interior of the palace is amazing, elegant and majestic and the gardens are also worth visiting.

It is a Baroque Palace that for centuries was a royal residence, declared a World Heritage Site. It is located about 20km from the city of Paris.

If you dare to do this excursion you can do it with an organized tour. They include transportation, skip-the-line tickets to the Palace and gardens, and a guide in Spanish. You have several options:

Visit the Loire Castles

The Loire Castles are considered the most beautiful castles in France. They are authentic architectural and cultural jewels that seem to come out of fairy tales. There are about 73 castles in total in the valley as well as numerous abbeys and fortresses.

From Paris you have the opportunity to get to know some of the most important and beautiful ones with an organized tour. This tour takes a tour of the Chenonceau Castle, the Chambord Castle and the Cheverny Castle.

mejores excursiones que hacer desde París

Disney Land Paris

Disneyland Paris is one of the most fun excursions to do in Paris. Ideal for all ages, not only if you are traveling with children. You can book for Disneyland or for Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

The park is located 32km from the city center. You can get there by bus, by train or with a rental car if you want to go on your own. I recommend you book your tickets to Disneyland Paris online to avoid problems.

You can also take a tour that includes tickets and transportation.

Tour to Mont Saint Michel from Paris

Mont Saint-Michel is considered one of the most beautiful places in France. It is an abbey that dates back to the year 708. In the 10th century, Benedictine monks settled on the hill. What had begun as a small church, was transformed over the years into a large abbey, and the town and an important pilgrimage center were built.

It is a very charming place, in my opinion it is worth spending the night in the town and spending a little more time to get to know the area. But if you have little time, and you want to have everything organized, this organized excursion from Paris is a good option.

mejores excursiones que hacer desde París

Excursion to the Normandy landing beaches

With this excursion you will discover several scenes from the Second World War that took place in Normandy such as Omaha beach, the artificial port of Arromanches and Courselles-sur-Mer. It is a somewhat long but very interesting excursion to do from Paris.

mejores excursiones que hacer desde París



I hope you really enjoy your trip to Paris and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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