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How to go from Prague to Budapest (and vice versa)

The combination Prague and Budapest is very common. It is a perfect option to get to know two of the most beautiful cities in Europe on the same trip. And even if you have more time, I recommend doing the triangle, adding Vienna.

The distance between cities is not great and you have many options to make the journeys. In this practical article I explain the 4 options you have to go from Prague to Budapest, or vice versa.

Cómo de ir de Praga a Budapest


1. By Bus, the cheapest option to go from Prague to Budapest

If you are looking for a cheap option to move between the Czech Republic and Hungary, the bus is the best option. The journey from Prague to Budapest is usually around 6:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. the journey. So you should assess whether it is better for you to spend more time on journeys at a lower cost or choose a more expensive option, but without wasting so much time on journeys.

You have several companies where you can book the journey:

  • FlixBus has 3 day buses and one night bus that arrives in Budapest at 6:30 a.m. You must book online, tickets cost from €16 to €17.90. We have also tested this company and we highlight it for its punctuality.

  • Student Agency has 6 routes during the day from 5am to 3pm and one night that leaves Prague at 11pm and arrives in Budapest at 6:15am. The price is around €20 but sometimes they offer discounted tickets and they cost €16 when you buy them online.

  • Eurolines This company only has two daytime buses that leave at 7am and 1pm. Prices range from €14 to €20.

If you are going to choose the bus option, I recommend looking for a night route. In this way, you will save the hotel night, and you will be able to sleep on the bus. The journey won't be that long.

2. By Train, the best option to go from Prague to Budapest

Going by train is the best option to go from Prague to Budapest or vice versa. It is a very comfortable option. The journey lasts 6:45h. Something less than going by bus. And you have the option of going by night or day train.

Trains are available every two hours from 5:49 a.m. to 3:52 p.m. The price of the day train ranges between 20 and 30 euros each way. It is not the best option if you have little time, since you will spend many hours on the road. So, if you want to go by train, look first at the night options.

The night train leaves at 11:58 p.m. and arrives in Budapest at 8:37 a.m. It is the best option, not only will you save one night in a hotel, but you will be able to sleep during the journey and it will not take so long. The cost is a little more than day trains, the price ranges between 32 and 40 euros per trip. There are compartments with 2,4, or 6 beds. You have to pay a supplement that goes from €10 to €24 if you want to have more privacy and an exclusive compartment for you and your family. There are also first class options. Each first class compartment includes its own toilet and shower. You can see schedules and prices from their official website.

Cómo de ir de Praga a Budapest

3. By Plane, the “fastest” option to go from Prague to Budapest

The fastest way to get from Prague to Budapest is by plane. The flight lasts an hour and a quarter approximately. However, you must take into account that you have to add the travel time from the center to the airport, the time to check-in, and the waiting time prior to the departure of the plane.

Even so, it is still the fastest option and if you have little time on your trip, you have to prioritize and choose options that allow you to make the best use of your time.

The prices of the flights fluctuate a lot. Normally the prices are around 80 euros, although today you can find prices for 30.40 euros... depending on the company, last minute offers, etc. It is a very variable price.

You have the best cheap flight search engine here. It is a comparator, which will find all the companies that fly this route on your dates.

4. Renting a car, a good option if you intend to visit more places

If your intention is to take a route through the Czech Republic and Hungary, without a doubt, the best option is to rent a car.

If you are still not sure which places to visit in the Czech Republic and Hungary, here are some articles that can help you:

If you make the direct route between Prague and Budapest, you have 530km ahead of you. And although there are many hours of driving along the way, there are several interesting places to see, and you can stop whenever you want. There is a natural environment and beautiful landscapes that are worth it. The cost of fuel according to ViaMichelin is 40 euros each way. And to this we must add the cost of renting a car, the cost of car parks in the cities…

The highways in these countries do not have tolls, but you must have a sticker on the car that allows you to drive around the country. The prices depend on the days you want to travel around the country. The price of the vignette is €11 to spend a maximum of 10 days in each country. You can buy it at any service station. Generally, this process can be managed with the car rental company.

There are secondary roads that will take you to charming villages, fields, forests... We did the route without taking the highway and we loved it.

You can see more information about our day-by-day route here: 15-day route through the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Cómo de ir de Praga a Budapest


I hope you enjoy your trip to Prague and Budapest a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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