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How to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale

When you travel to Turkey, you will most likely arrive through Istanbul International Airport. The capital of Turkey is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities to visit, it is perfect to travel on a long weekend or for the start of a trip through Turkey.

One of the essential places to see in Turkey is Pamukkale. Its thermal pools on the White Mountain are world famous, but there are so many more things to see and do in Pamukkale.

In this post you will find a quick guide on how to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale and vice versa, so you can organize your trip. If you are planning to make a complete route through the country, do not miss the travel guide to Turkey.


By plane, the most comfortable way to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale

The most comfortable option to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale is with a local flight. You can find very cheap options from Turkish Airlines.

You will arrive at Denizli airport and once there you have a 60-kilometre drive to Pamukkale. I recommend renting a car to get to know the area and be able to move around on your own. Renting is the cheapest option as taxi costs skyrocket.

Another option to get from Denizli airport to Pamukkale is with the airport shuttle (a shuttle bus) of the HAVAULAŞIM company. In our case, we did not opt ​​for this option because we did not find schedules online before arrival and we did not want to be left without transportation on arrival. This bus takes you to the Denizli bus station, where you will need to take the Pamukkale dolmushacia to reach your destination.

And finally, if you decide to hire a taxi, I recommend that you check with your hotel about the option of having them send you a taxi and agree on the price beforehand.

Express tour, a practical option to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale

A fast and practical option to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale is with an organized tour. You have several options. These tours usually include hotel pick-up in Istanbul, transportation, guide… It is a comfortable option if you have little time to be in Turkey and want to avoid having to organize all the transportation, etc. Sometimes these tours are multi-day and include more destinations:


In Pamukkale there are not as many accommodation options as you can find in Cappadocia. Although you can find accommodation from hostels to 5-star hotels.

We stayed at the Pamukkale hotel. It is a simple option, but very comfortable and economical. We stayed two nights in a double room for 44 euros (22 euros per night) in a room with a private bathroom, air conditioning… the truth is that it worked out great for us.

Here is a list of some great options where to stay in Pamukkale:



I hope you enjoy your trip to Turkey very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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