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How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a city located 85 km north of Bangkok. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam from the year 1350 to the year 1767.

Today you can visit the remains of this city, mostly half-ruined temples and stupas. The remains of the ancient capital of Siam were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. Here is a complete guide to what to see in Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam.

It is possible to take a day trip from Bangkok either on your own or with an organized tour. In this post I talk about all the options you have to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. And at the end I add some tips if you want to stay in the city.

Ayutthaya, Tailandia


You have several options to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok:

By train, the cheapest option to go from Bangkok to Ayuttaya

Going by train is a fairly fast and cheap way to get from Bangkok to Ayuttaha.

Although there is the possibility that you go to the train station and buy your ticket there, I do not recommend it, you could be left without a ticket or have the worst seat...

More or less a one-way trip from Bangkok to Ayuttaya by train costs literally 1 euro. On my last trip this October 2022 that was what I paid, booking through this website. The journey takes about 48 minutes and you have the option of reserving a seat or a bed.


To get around Asia I always search and book my trips with 12 Go Asia. It is a transport search engine, and offers you all the options, prices and schedules of the destination you are looking for. It is a safe application and in your language. You can see more info and book your journey from here.


By mini van or transfer, a comfortable option to go from Bangkok to Ayuttaya

There is the possibility of booking a transfer to go from Bangkok to Ayuttaya. The advantage of these transfers is that they are air-conditioned, and on most trips you can select the time you want. Also, you pay per vehicle. The cost of a 9-seater vehicle is around 70 euros (about 7.75 euros per person). If you travel in a group, it is a perfect alternative, since it is still quite cheap and if you need to make a stop along the way or leave at a specific time, you can do so.

Hire a private taxi

From the hotel where you stay you can request a taxi for you all day. With it you will visit all the temples of Ayutthaya and it will go at your own pace. It is more expensive than taking the minivan back and forth, but you have the advantage that once in Ayutthaya you can take your taxi everywhere. Make sure it has air conditioning! The first time we visited Ayutthaya it was very convenient for us since we were traveling with a baby and it was very hot. We were traveling with a year and a half baby and the taxi option was perfect. It cost us about 150 euros for the whole day, including the entire tour of the temples.

Ayutthaya, Tailandia

Complete tour to visit Ayuttaya from Bangkok

It is the most comfortable way to visit Ayutthaya from Bangkok. These excursions include transportation, you go with a guide, you are making stops at the different temples and historical places, it includes the entrance to the historical site of Ayuttaya, a river cruise and food.

Going on a day trip or staying overnight in Ayutthaya?

Everything will depend on your time. On my first trip we dedicated a full day with a private taxi to Ayuttaya, but we lacked time to continue visiting some of the corners of the city. It didn't help that it was very hot and we were traveling with a baby. Well, although with children you can travel everywhere, it is true, that sometimes the visits are somewhat slower. If you are one of those who goes to all milk, you can do it in a day without problem. Since it will give you time to visit the most important thing. The option of the organized excursion is also very good since you visit the most important thing.

Although in my first time in Ayuttaya we visited all the historical places highlighted in the guides, I left with the feeling that I had a lot to know. So I went back to Thailand and this time I added two days and one night to my itinerary in the city. Since we were going more calmly because we knew we were sleeping in the city, this time allowed me to walk among the ruins, appreciate every detail and enjoy Ayuttaya to the fullest.

Apart from getting to know the historic area better, we got to know the current city, we walked through its local market, the floating market, the temples in the center, and some other places that I will detail later.

Ayutthaya, Tailandia


I hope you enjoy your trip to Thailand a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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