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How to get around Bali

Bali, despite seeming small, is very big and worst of all, there is a lot of traffic, especially in the most populated areas. So if you are going to travel to Bali you should know what your transport options are so that you take it into account.

In this post I will tell you how to get around Bali, all the transport options so you can prepare your route through this Indonesian island well.


The best way to get to Bali is by plane. To Denpasar International Airport. Although it is not the only way.

Bali can be reached by ferry from Java, service is also regular between Gilimanuk and Banyuwangi. In the same way that it is also possible to travel by sea through the PELNI line that operates weekly between Bali and Jakarta, Yjung Pandan and Balikpapan.


Bali Public Transport

If you like adventure and want to get around Bali by public transport, it is important to know that the island has very little public transport and it is in poor condition.

This is the cheapest way to get around Bali, but I recommend you use private transport.

The Bali Bus Service offers routes throughout the island from Denpasar Terminal Station. Public buses usually carry a lot more people than they should and they don't have air conditioning, which makes the journey much longer than it seems. In addition, they usually make a lot of stops. Going by public transport in Bali can be a bit overwhelming.

There are also what Westerners understand by mini vans, what they call Bemos. These mini-vans offer regular short-distance services, usually between towns. They are also full of people and they don't have air conditioning, but the price is also very cheap.

To visit neighboring islands you will have to travel by boat or ferry. They are usually quite cheap ferries if you buy them with the companies that make the journey by speedboat. If you are going to travel to Bali for a few days, enjoy the experience by taking the speedboats and forget about the ferries. Many times they do not leave on time and are somewhat more uncomfortable.

Bali Private Transportation

The most comfortable, fastest and most efficient way to get around Bali is private transport. There are different ways to get around Bali by private transport: car rental, motorcycle and van rental or taxis.

Another common form of mobility for tourists is the private buses that make excursions and tourist routes around Bali. In addition, you can book them at the hotels themselves or online. But I will tell you about this later and in each Bali post I will tell you which is the best option depending on what you visit.

Rent a car in Bali

The most comfortable way to get around Bali is by car. It is easy to find places where this service is offered, most of them offer rental of jeeps, family vans or cars, and allow you to hire a driver if travelers are not capable of driving around the island.

In order to drive in Bali, it is necessary to have an International Driver's License, which is requested at the traffic office in your country of origin. You will have to pay the corresponding fees and then you can have the License for one year.

It is a very good option to take a car on your own, the rental prices range from 40 euros per day and if you take several days you usually find interesting offers.

I recommend that if you are very clear about renting a car, do it before arriving at the destination and take it from the airport. You can see car rental offers from here.

Rent a car with driver

Another highly recommended option is to rent a car with a driver, especially if it is your first time in Bali, since the roads can be somewhat chaotic and some areas are not very well groomed, and during the rainy season they can become impossible.

In addition, in Bali, like all of Southeast Asia, they do not respect traffic signs very much and sometimes it can even be dangerous. Renting a car with a driver costs approximately 50 or 60 euros per day. The price includes the hours of the driver, gasoline and the guide. More or less the duration is 8 hours. With what you find quite cheap if you bought it with renting a car without a driver.

Private buses and tours

There are different agencies in Bali that offer Bali bus tours and daily car tours with a local driver.

The most recommended option to book these excursions is to do it online. You will save money and have immediate confirmation, even most of the time you can cancel for free.

In Bali they usually try to increase rates once you are there, especially hotels.

Taxi in Bali

In Bali, the official taxi service is only easy to find in the Kuta area, since in the rest of the island taxis are usually private. For 30 euros you can find a taxi that will take you throughout the day to the places you want with gasoline included. The price is quite similar to car rental. It is important to note that sometimes taxi drivers want to scam tourists by saying prices much higher than they are. That is why it is important to agree on the price of the journey before getting into the taxi and ask for the rates from more than one taxi driver. If you can hire an official taxi company from the hotel, all the better.

Rent a motorcycle in Bali

This is one of the most common and popular ways in recent years to get to know the island of Bali, in fact, it is becoming more and more famous among tourists and there comes a time when it is sometimes difficult to even find available motorcycles, especially if you travel In high season.

Renting a motorbike for a day costs less than 10 euros, although that also depends on your haggling skills. Keep in mind that they will ask you for a lot more at the outset.

In any case, if you travel to Bali during the rainy season, it is better not to rent a motorcycle, as it can be dangerous. And you should also be very vigilant, since, as I mentioned before, in Bali they do not drive according to the rules, so there are usually accidents on a daily basis.

Going by motorcycle allows you to access paths that are more difficult with a car. And it is ideal to go with friends or partner. If you go with children, I do not recommend this option at all, since it is more dangerous. And the best thing is that you consider taking a rental car.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Bali very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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