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5 Best free tours to do in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a fascinating city. Either to visit it on a long weekend or as the start of a road trip around the country. If you are going to travel to Stockholm you have many free tours and guided tours of the city. With them, for free, you will be able to discover the mysteries that the city hides, the history and the most emblematic buildings of the historic center, its neighbourhoods...

In this post I talk about the 5 best free tours to do in Stockholm. And remember that, although they are totally free guided tours, give the guide a tip at the end of the tour, which he surely deserves.


This is the most traditional free tour to get to know the essentials of Stockholm. Start the tour in Plaza Gustavo Adolfo, knowing the Viking origins of the city. During the tour you will visit the exteriors of the Parliament, the Stockholm Opera, the Royal Palace, the Island of Riddarholmen, the statue of Saint George and the Dragon, the Marten Trotzings Grand, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the Nobel Museum and the square of Stortorget.

This guided tour can be done in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. At the time of booking, select the language (at the top of the page), it lasts 2 hours and a half, and it is free.

The historic center of Stockholm did not exist during the Viking Age, but throughout its development, influences and associations with mythical Norse culture can be seen. Although the tour may be a bit similar to the previous free tour, since it takes place in the same area, with this free tour you will discover the Viking history and the essence found in the city. During the tour you will visit places like Stortorget, the iron boy, Baggenstäppan, the rune stone, the Both telephone…

You will learn more about Viking ships, sacrifices, Viking history, skalds, their hygiene, food and drink, mythology, and their writing skills.

This free tour lasts 2 hours and is in Spanish and English.

With this free night tour you will discover the mysteries and many legends of Stockholm. The tour begins at the Gustavo Alfonso roundabout, you visit the Royal Gardens or Kungsträdgården and you will enter the Gamla Stan neighborhood.

It is a very interesting free tour since you will discover another part of the history of Stockholm and King Gustav Alfonso II of Sweden. The tour lasts 1 hour and a half, and you can book it only in Spanish.

The new area of ​​the city is beautiful, with large palaces and government buildings, parks, museums... With this free tour you can visit the exteriors of the Kungsträdgården Park, the Royal Palace, the Grand Hotel, the National Museum, the Synagogue and Nybroplan (the modern area).

In Nybroplan you will get to know the Royal Library, the Statue of Linnaeus, the Humlegarden park, the Kungstornets towers, the concert hall...

This free tour lasts 2 hours and a half, you can book it in Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese, and it is totally free.

5. Free tour of the neighborhoods of Stockholm

In addition to the historic center and the new part of the city, you can visit several of Stockholm's neighborhoods. The most essential are the neighborhood of Södermalm and the neighborhood of Gamla Stan. Both neighborhoods have very interesting places to visit and if you dare to take a guided tour, you have the opportunity to do a free tour in each of them. I leave you the links so you can see which of them interests you the most:



I hope you enjoy your trip to Sweden very much and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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