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15 Curiosities of Prague that will surprise you

Prague is a fascinating city with many things to see and do. It is a perfect city to visit on a long weekend or a long weekend. In addition to visiting incredible places on your visit to the city, you will discover legends, its history, its love for beer... So that you can start getting to know Prague even before your trip, in this post I will tell you about some of the most surprising curiosities . I add some links such as where to stay in Prague, some articles related to the essential places to see in the city and if you feel like taking a tour of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic, don't miss all the related posts that can help you organize your trip.

15 Curiosidades de Praga que te sorprenderán


1. The Charles Bridge and its meaning

If you decide to take a free tour of Prague, any of the options always has a stop at the Charles Bridge. The best-known sight of Prague is undoubtedly its enormous pedestrian bridge.

This bridge measures more than 500 meters long and 10 meters wide. This bridge once had 4 lanes intended for the passage of carriages. Currently it is a pedestrian bridge.

Charles Bridge was commissioned by Charles IV to replace an older bridge. He laid the first stone of this famous place at 5:31 a.m. on July 9, 1357. The time was not a random time, it was premeditated since Charles IV was very superstitious. According to astrology and numerology, it was a good time because of the numbers that make it up: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 (year, day, month and hour).

2. Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world

One of the most essential places to see in Prague is its castle. Prague Castle is actually an architectural complex that mixes several styles, starting with medieval and continuing through Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It was the place where the first settlement was made and has witnessed the most important historical and cultural events of the city.

The castle was built in the 9th century. Currently it is the area where we could call the “historic center” with many of the essential places to see in Prague. The best way to learn about its history and visit all the places in the castle is to do so with a guided tour. You have the option of taking a free tour of Prague Castle!

15 Curiosidades de Praga que te sorprenderán

3. The Czech Republic is the country where the most beer is drunk per capita

If you like beer you will undoubtedly enjoy it on every corner. In the Czech Republic each inhabitant drinks about 150 liters of beer each year including the total population (including babies, men and women of all ages).

At each bar you will have a wide range of beer styles, including several national options. National beer is very economical, even cheaper than ordering a soft drink or a bottle of mineral water.

4. The Rolling Stones paid for the Prague Castle lighting system

Shortly after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, The Rolling Stones did a concert in Prague where they became friends with the country's president. The group loved the castle and were extremely disappointed that they couldn't see the castle lit up at night. At that time, the country was beginning to be democratic and there were major concerns and it was not possible to invest in the lighting of the castle, so the Rolling Stones gave about 30,000 euros to install a lighting system that still illuminates the castle today. beautiful castle.

5. John Lennon is very present in Prague although he was never there

In Prague you can find an entire wall full of graffiti dedicated to John Lennon. The tribute to the artist began after his murder in 1980, when a corner near the Charles Bridge was filled with his portraits, lyrics from Beatles songs and messages of peace. On the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, in November 2014, a group painted the wall white with the message “The wall is over”, but tourists quickly filled it with color again and it is one of the places of Prague most photographed.

15 Curiosidades de Praga que te sorprenderán

6. You will also find the Eiffel Tower in Prague

The Eiffel Tower has replicas of different shapes and sizes in various places around the world. If you have not yet read the curiosities about the Eiffel Tower you can do so from this link.

In Prague you can find a small replica, something different and much smaller. You will find it at the top of Mount Petrín. To go up, you can arrive by the Funicular, so you can also enjoy incredible views of the city.

7. The narrowest street in Prague measures 50 centimeters

The narrowest street in Prague is only 50 centimeters wide. I don't know if this can be called a street, an alley or if it is rather the space between one building and another. Since it is so narrow, there is a traffic light at each end for pedestrians who want to walk along this street and thus not block the passage. You can find it near Charles Bridge, at U Lužického.

8. In Prague you will find Churches that fulfill other functions

Can you imagine a bar in a church? In other European countries, even in Spain, it would be unthinkable. But there are several countries in Europe, even in the Czech Republic, where it is possible to find churches that currently fulfill other functions. From libraries, museums, concert halls to bars where you can have a beer.

9. Prague has one of the most famous clocks in the world

The Prague Astronomical Clock is the most famous medieval clock in the world. It was built in 1410 by the master watchmaker Hanus and perfected by Jan Taborsky in the 16th century. The legend says that so that Hanus would not repeat his work, the councilors blinded him.

The clock is made up of 3 parts. The top dial of the clock tower is the astronomical clock itself. Its function was not to tell the time, but to represent the orbits of the Sun and the Moon.

The main attraction of the clock is the parade of the twelve apostles that occurs every time the clock strikes the hour. This parade takes place in the upper windows of the Astronomical Clock.

In addition to the apostles you will find four additional figures: the Turk, Greed, Vanity and Death, a skeleton who, pulling the rope, marks the beginning of the parade.

15 Curiosidades de Praga que te sorprenderán

10. One day a month the entire city's alarms go off at the same time.

On the first Wednesday of every month they test all the ALARMS in the city in Prague and they also do it nationwide. If you don't know this information, it can literally give you a heart attack when you're walking around the city and they all suddenly ring together. When we asked the receptionist at the hotel where we were staying what was happening, she explained to us that it is a fact that has been happening for many years and she herself, being from Prague, did not know the reason. We honestly don't know why, but it did give us a tremendous scare.

11. The Famous Dancing House

This contemporary art building is one of the most famous architectural works in Europe and an essential place to see in Prague.

The building was built in 1996 as a collaboration between the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić and the Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. This house gets its name from its characteristic curves, which look like two dancing figures, hence the nickname "Fred and Ginger" in honor of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.

12. In Prague there are 4 islands

Prague has four islands in the Vltava River. You can take a boat ride to enjoy and have another perspective of the city. These four islands are Kampaq Island, Slavic Island, Shot Island and Detsky Island.

13. The Clementinum, a spectacular rarely visited library

In ancient times this place was part of a Jesuit college. After their expulsion, the buildings and their collection of books became property of the state, and it was named the National Library in 1781. They say it is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and I am personally a reading geek here in this place. It is one of the most incredible places to see in Prague at least.

It stands out for having a baroque style. You can visit the library room, the chapel of mirrors and the astronomical tower.

14. Prague was bombed by mistake

On February 14, 1945, the Allies bombed Prague by mistake. About 60 bombs fell on the city, although their objective was another, to bomb the Dresden train station in Germany. There were more than 700. According to what they say, the confusion is due to the terrible weather conditions (rain, wind and fog).

15. You can drink absinthe in Prague

Absintherie is a very popular bar located in the old town and offers more than 100 different types of absinthe. Absinthe is a very strong liquor derived from anise and other herbs that has a reputation for producing minor hallucinations. Personally, I think that just by smelling it you get drunk and I don't drink and I didn't dare to try that concoction, but if you like alcoholic beverages, trying absinthe is something interesting to do (with a lot of moderation and responsibility) in Prague.

15 Curiosidades de Praga que te sorprenderán



I hope you enjoy your trip to Prague and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue readingmany more related articles on the blog.

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