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Buy tickets to see a baseball game in New York

Do you want to enjoy a baseball game in New York? Here I tell you about everything you need to know; teams, stadiums, seasons, how to buy tickets...

Baseball is one of the most watched sports in the United States and watching a game in New York is a fun and recommended activity to add to your trip to New York.

Buy tickets to see a baseball game in New York


Baseball season in New York

The baseball league is known as MBL (Major League Baseball). The preseason begins in April and ends in October (the finals are between October and early November).

During the preseason, tickets are usually very cheap, while the finals (playoffs) are much more expensive.

If you travel during baseball season it is very easy to coincide your days with a game, since they play several days in a row a week.


In New York you find 2 rival teams; the Yankees and the Mets:

Watch a Yankees game in New York. They play at Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx district, and are the most popular team. You can see the dates and buy tickets from here.

Watch a Mets game in New York. They play at Citi Field, in the borough of Queens. You can see the dates and buy tickets from here.

How to get to New York baseball stadiums

You can get to Yankee Stadium very easily with the subway. The closest station is 161 Street Station, where lines B/D (orange line) and line 4 (green line) stop. The area is very safe (even though it is the Bronx) and the atmosphere when there is a game is very festive.

You can also get to Mets Stadium by subway. The closest station is Mets – Willets Point on line 7 (purple line).

Where to buy baseball tickets in New York

It is recommended to buy tickets in advance online to watch a baseball game in New York. As the date approaches, the cost increases. From this website you have the calendar, tickets and prices. The website is in English and Spanish (you can choose the language once you log in).

The ticket price depends on the seats and the visibility they have. There are tickets from 30 euros to 500 euros or more (it depends a lot on the time of the season, the game, how much advance you book and where the seat is located).

If your trip does not coincide with the baseball season, don't worry, you have the option of watching a basketball, football or ice hockey game. I have more information about watching games in New York here.

Buy tickets to see a baseball game in New York


I hope you enjoy your trip to New York and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue readingmany more related articles on the blog.

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