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Boston Day Trip from New York

Taking a day or two visit to Boston from New York is a very common excursion. Between the two cities there are only 4 hours of road travel. If you want to go on your own, either by renting a car or by train, bus... I'll tell you here how to go from New York to Boston (and vice versa). If, on the other hand, you only have one day to visit Boston, the best option is to do it with an organized excursion. You will have transportation, a guide, and a closed itinerary so you don't miss anything essential to see in Boston.

So that you take into account all the details of this excursion, in this post you will find all the information and the direct link so that you can hire it.


Transportation from New York to Boston

To do this day trip you will have to get up early. More or less it lasts about 14-15 hours and the departure from Manhattan is at 6am. You will be able to take advantage of the journey (of about 4 hours) to sleep a little or keep yourself entertained thanks to the Wi-Fi and plugs on the bus.

At around 10am you will arrive in Boston, where you will get to know the most emblematic places with a Spanish-speaking guide.

For the return, you will leave around 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. and arrive in New York around 9:30 or 10:00 p.m.

If you want to go to Boston on your own and visit Boston on your own, I'll tell you how to do it. Even if you want to spend the night in Boston (something recommended) I give you all kinds of tips so that you stay in one of the best areas.


Faneuil Hall

The guided tour begins in the heart of historic Boston. Faneuil Hall is also known as "the cradle of freedom", since several speeches were made there demanding independence from the United Kingdom. This building has been used as a market and meeting place since 1742.

Faneuil Hall is the area with the most atmosphere in the city, there is also the Quincy Market, a market with stalls where you can eat great.

Old State House

After visiting the market, with time for breakfast, the next stop is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States.

Old State House was built in the year 1713 and was used as the seat of the British Colonial Government. The Boston massacre occurred right there on the night of March 5, 1770. Currently, the old state house is used as a museum, where there are historical objects and documents from the time of the riots.

Old South Meeting House

Many famous people were baptized in this beautiful church, including Benjamin Franklin. However, the church did not become popular because of these baptisms, but because the Boston Tea Party was organized there.

On December 16, 1773, a whole shipment of tea was thrown into the sea as an act of protest against the American colonists. This event triggered the American War of Independence.<