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The best Riads to stay in Morocco

If you still don't know about Riads; A Riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or patio. The word riad comes from the term garden. They generally look like a kind of mansion, with a landscaped interior patio, where the rooms and areas of the house open onto this garden. A little oasis at home. The Riads maintain their Moroccan decoration and air in their essence, making you feel in tune with the country.

Currently, the Riads have become the TOP10 type of hotels that are usually frequented when one travels to Morocco and it is not for less. Although you can find truly cheap riads, there are several luxuriously renovated riads, where details and customer satisfaction are the most important.

I tell you about the best Riads in Morocco, by cities, where if you wish you can turn your trip to the country into a real luxury. It will be impossible not to return home with a post-holiday depression.

Throughout our route through Morocco we designed an accommodation plan where we stayed in the best Riads on our route. I tell you about the destinations and accommodation below.

But before starting, if you are thinking of traveling to Morocco and you don't know very well how to do it, which route to follow, whether to go on your own... I'll tell you much more in Morocco Itinerary.

Mejores riad de Marruecos



This Riad is a true 5-star hotel. Completely renovated maintaining the essence of the Riad and with great detail to pamper the client, make this accommodation the perfect opportunity to treat yourself.

Mejores riad de Marruecos

This Riad is a gem in the center of Marrakech. With 5 suites, this Riad maintains luxury both in its facilities and in its services. You will have free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, delicious Moroccan breakfast and exceptional staff treatment. This accommodation is usually full, don't waste time!! This Riad usually asks for a minimum stay of two nights, and it is the most expensive Riad on this list, with a price from 275 euros/night. double suite.

It is absolutely worth it, it was our accommodation option in Marrakech and if I have to return to this city, I will return to this Riad for sure.

This 5 star Riad is a mixture of luxury, simplicity and peace. It is located in the center of Marrakech, close to attractions such as Djemaa El Fna Square and the Majorelle Garden.

It has beautiful suites, a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi... It has a few rooms, all equipped for maximum comfort and well-being. Their rates start at 400 euros/night for a double suite.

Mejores riad de Marruecos

This original 5 star Riad is one of the best rated Riad in Marrakech. With a score of 9.9 and more than 400 opinions on booking. It is not as luxurious as the two previous Riads, but it is very original.

Its suites are spacious and comfortable. The accommodation has a mini pool, free Wi-Fi, restaurant... The best thing is its value for money. Their prices usually start at 140 euros/night in a double suite.


This Riad is a wonderful accommodation in the center of Fez. It has comfortable rooms, a Turkish bath, a very good typical Moroccan breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

This Riad, although not as luxurious as the previous one, is still among the best Riads for its comfort and quality of service. It is a beautiful house with many Moroccan details. Their rates start at 80 euros/night in room. double.

Mejores riad de Marruecos

Riad-Boutique Borj Dhab Fez

This beautiful Riad is one of the best options if you are looking for low budget accommodation. Prices usually start at 25 euros/night for a double suite. In addition, the accommodation has a very good score, comfortable rooms, restaurant, free Wi-Fi...

Riad Authentic Palace & Spa

This 5-star Riad is simple and not very modern, however it has all kinds of comforts and services. It is located close to places of interest such as Batha Square and the Bou Inania Madrasa.

It has a restaurant, fully equipped rooms, swimming pool, Wi-Fi... Despite being a 5-star Riad, its prices are not excessive. You can find offers in the middle season for around 50 euros/night for a double suite.

Mejores riad de Marruecos


This Riad is a beautiful palace in the center of Rabat. With a pool with panoramic views you can enjoy an excellent stay in this accommodation.

This Riad offers fully equipped suites and is only 1.50km from the medina. They offer a fantastic breakfast and have free wifi.

Their prices start at 129 euros/night in room. double.

Mejores riad de Marruecos

The Riad Zyo is a modern option where to stay in a Riad in Rabat. It is a 4-star riad, with minimalist, comfortable and quiet rooms. Unlike many riads where the decoration is overloaded and so typical of Morocco, in this riad the decoration is basic, in very light tones and in all its rooms you can breathe peace.

It has a swimming pool, terrace with views, wifi and they serve a great breakfast.

Their prices start at 70 euros per night in room. double.

Mejores riad de Marruecos


This beautiful Riad is very well located in the city of Tangier. Its rooms, all renovated, have a fairly modern style while maintaining a bit of its Arabic style.

It has different room categories. And their prices start at 95 euros/night in room. double.

Mejores riad de Marruecos


In Chefchaouen there are some curious riads, but none that particularly caught my attention. but there are a lot of houses arranged for tourist accommodation, where families offer accommodation to tourists. They come to be like a Riad, but closer.

This house is gorgeous. In addition to maintaining aspects of the Arabic decoration, it includes some extra comforts so that guests feel better than at home.

It has comfortable and spacious rooms, wifi and a great breakfast.

Mejores riad de Marruecos


Casablanca is the city where you will find more accommodations from hotel chains and skyscrapers. It is more difficult to find Riads, but you can find luxury accommodation at incredible prices. In our case, we looked for several options to continue traveling and staying in Riads, but we did not find anything close to the center, with good quality and a good price. Finally we stayed at the 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel Casablanca City Center. We found an offer for 70 euros/night. So we seized the opportunity.

Mejores riad de Marruecos


I hope you enjoy Morocco a lot If you are planning to do an itinerary or visit more cities, do not miss all the destinations in Morocco that I have published on the blog, as well as a complete 15-day itinerary.

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A hug and see you soon!


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