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The best places to see in Havana in 2 days

Havana is the capital of Cuba and has been in second place by travelers who prefer to visit the country to enjoy its beaches and resorts. And it's a real shame that they don't include a few days in the capital, because the city is beautiful. Ideally, and if you can combine it, is that you spend at least two days in Havana. In this post I tell you about the best of Havana, what to see and do in two days.

In the post, apart from telling you about what to see and do in Havana, I add several links that will take you to other articles, links to guided tours and some interesting excursions, accommodation recommendations, and a complete map with the places of interest that you I detail in the list and some more in case you have time to continue walking its streets.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba


Colonial Havana, the most beautiful place to see in Havana

For me, without a doubt, Old Havana or Colonial Havana (whatever you want to call it) is the best area of ​​Havana. Full of colors and with a very traditional and colonial air, it gives the feeling of being in another era.

The best way is to wander the streets and pay attention to the buildings, enter their porticoes and enjoy their little terraces to have a very cold local beer.

I recommend doing a free tour of Old Havana, it is the best way to show you the area, explaining its history, traditions and culture, as well as many legends and anecdotes. If you have the right time in Havana it is a good option because the guide will take you to the most essential places.

IT IS NOT THE ONLY FREE TOUR YOU CAN DO THROUGH THE CITY OF HAVANA! There are 5 different free tours. You can see all the options from here.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba

You can go up to the Capitol in Havana, many say that it looks like the Capitol in Washington, although the one in Havana is bigger.

Something very characteristic of Havana are its classic cars, taking a picture with them is something very popular.

The best thing about Old Havana is walking through its streets. One of the prettiest is Calle Obispo. It is a street of many contrasts, there are restored buildings in perfect condition, next to buildings that are almost falling apart, all their balconies with plants and flowers, and clothes on all the balconies drying in the sun. It is something very characteristic and that enchants at all times.

La Bodeguita de en medio is an essential stop to make, here you will be served the most famous mojito in all of Cuba. Although I visited the little winery in the middle and I loved the bar because of its charm, I didn't take the opportunity to have a mojito, at 11 in the morning and with the heat, I personally didn't like it, let me know if you take the opportunity to try it and tell me about your experience.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba

You cannot leave the old area without visiting its cathedral. Admission is free although donations are appreciated. Christopher Columbus was buried there before his remains were transferred to the Cathedral of Seville. Or so they say, because if you ask the Dominicans, they will tell you that the remains are in Santo Domingo.

The Plaza de la Catedral is one of the most beautiful squares in Havana. Here you will find Cuban ladies dressed in the traditional Cuban dress who take the opportunity to sell flowers to tourists and ask for donations in exchange for photographing you with them.

This square is very lively, there are always tourists and locals. It is a good area to stop and eat, there are several options that serve traditional dishes, local beer and of course you can accompany it with a mojito.

Although the cathedral square is not the only one you should visit, come to know the Plaza de Armas, the old square and the San Francisco de Asís square.

You are going to listen to live music in all the corners of Old Havana. And it is something that I especially liked, it makes this area of ​​the city apart from very interesting, much warmer and more lively.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba

Cuban Revolution Square

Without a doubt, you have to go to this area of ​​the city, to see the Plaza de la Revolución and its surroundings. It is the largest square in the world with 72,000 square meters. His international fame began at the time of the Cuban revolution.

In the square is the Monument to José Martí. You can go up to the viewpoint to contemplate the views from the highest point of the capital.

If you feel like it and you like history, you can take a guided tour through the entire history of the Cuban revolution, visiting the most emblematic places. I did this tour a bit with anticipation, and I really liked it.

And speaking of the Cuban revolution if you are interested you can visit the museum of the revolution. It is located in an old residential palace and its rooms remind me a lot of European palaces.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba

Paseo del Prado

The Paseo del Prado one of the most charming and beautiful avenues in Havana. It has quite a few well-preserved buildings that are the clear example of the eclectic architecture so characteristic of Cuba. An avenue full of colors and very photogenic.

Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, an essential thing to see in Havana

It is a fortress that Carlos III of Spain ordered to build since its situation made the fortress a strategic point of defense. Today it remains the largest fortress in America.

Right next to the fortress is the Castillo del Morro. The views you have from here to the Bay of Havana are spectacular, do not miss them.

Christopher Columbus Necropolis

They say it is the most beautiful cemetery in Cuba. And it is very popular. Currently the cemetery is a National Monument. You can do the visit for free or if you dare you can book a free guided tour of the cemetery.

What to see in modern Havana

Although the area of ​​modern Havana is not as visited by travelers (because it does not have as much charm as the colonial area) it is a good option to stay if your intention is to look for a more modern accommodation or stay in a hotel chain. Personally, I recommend you stay in the colonial part and I'll tell you later where you can do it.

Actually in modern Havana there are some of the places that I have already told you about; The Plaza de la Revolución, the Colón Cemetery, as well as the University of Havana, a beautiful building that is worth visiting.

In this area you can take a free tour, to take a tour of the most emblematic places.

The boardwalk, a beautiful place to see in Havana

It is an impressive avenue parallel to the coast of Havana, where the locals come to walk, to fall in love and to listen and play music.

The entire route of the boardwalk has a distance of about 8 kilometers. You don't have to go all the way! but if you can take advantage of a walk before dark to marvel at the sunset that can be enjoyed from here.

mejores lugares qué ver en La Habana, Cuba


Personally I think that the old area is the best option. Although there is much less to choose from.

We were staying at the Residencia Santa Clara hotel, it is a 4-star hotel, renovated and with a very cool modern air. We were very comfortable, and we really found an offer. You can choose between rooms with private bathroom and with shared bathroom.

Dónde alojarse en La Habana, Cuba


I hope you enjoy your trip to Cuba a lot and that this article has been useful to you. You can continue reading many more related articles on the blog.

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A hug and see you soon!


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