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Best Hikes and Treks to Do in Zion National Park, Utah

Are you going to travel to Utah? Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places to see in the state. You have several places to visit within the Park and you can do it in your own vehicle or depending on the time of year you can visit it with the buses available within the enclosure. Here is a complete guide to visiting Zion National Park.

If you are a lover of walks or the most intense trekking within the Park, there are many path options for all levels. The Park is immense and you could spend a lot of time exploring every corner and you would always have places to discover.

As soon as you arrive at the central office point, where you will buy the ticket, you can request a map not only of the most popular places (such as viewpoints...) but also of the routes to walk.

In this article I tell you about some of the most popular and beautiful hikes to do in Zion National Park.


Riverside Walk

This is one of the most popular routes due to its simplicity. You can do it walking or cycling. It is a flat road to the river bank and it is paved. Here the environment is beautiful, with more vegetation than other areas, however here you will not have panoramic views of the Park.

It is great for those who travel with children or want to take a relaxed walk.

Canyon Overlook Trail

It is one of the most beautiful routes to do in the Park, as well as simple. It is not complicated and here you will have beautiful views of the place.

Access to the path is right at the exit of the tunnel towards Mount Carmel.

If you go by your own car, depending on the season of the year or the time of day, you may find the parking lot full (it's not very big). Don't worry! You can leave the car on the shoulder along the road.

More or less after 15 minutes of walking you will already find beautiful views, so if you do not want to continue, you will have already obtained beautiful photos.

Watchman Trail

This simple route starts very close to the visitor center (where you buy the tickets and they provide you with maps etc). It is a walk that does not require a high physical level, however, there is a fairly long and constant climb that will make you sweat a little. It is important to keep in mind that you always need water in your backpack, sunscreen and a hat.

When you reach the highest point you will have some nice views. To get to the top and back will take about two hours. Keep this in mind to plan your day.

Pine Creek Waterfall

Utah is known for its desert national parks. And although in all of them you can find more wooded areas as a general rule, they are not parks with a lot of vegetation, waterfalls... Even so, it is possible to visit several waterfalls and lake areas in Zion National Park. With this route you can get to know the Pine Creek Waterfall.

The route from the Parking to the waterfall is short, about 15 minutes. And as soon as you reach the waterfall you will see a small pool. (Not at all times of the year you can enjoy this waterfall, since after the summer it is usually scarce).