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The best guided tours and free tours in New York

New York is one of the most amazing cities. It is vibrant, full of life, with many places to visit and endless activities that you can do during your trip to the city.

New York is not known in a week. Not in two, not in months... I've traveled several times and I always know new places every time I go.

If it is your first time in New York, I advise you to book some guided tours and free tours. It is the best way to get to know the city with the help of a guide and have a first contact. Especially the first two days, then you can let yourself go and investigate on your own.

In this post I detail the best guided tours and free tours to do in New York. Also, I add some travel tips and how to save money in the city that never sleeps.


In New York there is not a very wide offer of Free tours. Unlike other much smaller cities (or Spanish cities where you can find a wide variety of free tours) in New York you only have two options.


New York is one of those cities that anyone who visits it tends to fall in love with. There are many places to visit and many activities.

You can do a free tour of New York in Spanish. And thus know some of the essential places to see in the city such as; Wall Street, the National Museum of the American Indians, the World Trade Center, the Stock Exchange building, the bull sculpture... In addition, this free tour takes you to see a beautiful area with Dutch-style buildings.

The free tour is done on foot and lasts about two and a half hours. It ends in the vicinity of the 9/11 Memorial, where the Twin Towers were located and which today functions as a tribute center for the victims of the attack.


New York has so many contrasts and that is one of the main factors that attracts everyone so much. Here different immigrant populations mix, giving each neighborhood a different look and charm.

Two of the most iconic and characteristic neighborhoods in Manhattan are Chinatown and Little Italy.

You can take a free tour to see the most essential places in both neighborhoods. The tour begins in Foley Square and from there leads you to the former headquarters of the New York Times. In the courthouse area, you will learn how this area evolved over time to become a place of welcome for Irish and African-American immigrants.

When you resume walking, you will do so in the direction of Columbus Park. When you arrive in Chinatown, you will learn many details of the interesting Chinese culture and its ancient traditions. Crossing Canal Street, you will find the place that was the residence of the Jewish community before World War II: the first Diamond District.

The first immigrants to arrive in New York founded Little Italy, the next stop on the tour. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. It has a lot of charm! You will continue the march towards Soho, one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city.

This enriching tour full of history has its last stop in Nolita, a neighborhood full of atmosphere where you will find clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, decoration shops, cafes, pubs... The tour lasts about two hours and ends in the old St. Patrick's Cathedral.